Jul 09

2013 District 2 Tournament – Cowanesque, Aug 11th

Location – Cowanesque
Launch Site – Eastern Launch
Date – Sunday, August 12th
Time – 6:30 am – 2:30 pm, (if we can launch earlier we will try)
Registration – 5:15 am to 6:15 am

Angler (based on 17)
1st – $ 476
2nd – $ 286
3rd – $ 190
Co-Angler (based on 14)
1st – $ 196
2nd – $ 118
3rd – $ 78

The results have been posted at:

I would like to give a special thanks to Danny Poust, Mike Prentiss, and Charlie Sykes for helping out with the weigh in.

Jul 06

SAF High School Championship July 27 Elkneck State Park, MD,

SAF State Championships are just around the corner.
We will be holding a Quad State Championship for Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware at Elkneck State Park Northeast, Maryland.
Age groups will be for Students going into 9th grade to 12th grade for the year 2014.
2 student teams with captains are required.
Winners from each State will qualify for the Regional Tournament
Registration July 26 starting at 6:30 pm followed by pre tournament rules. At Days Inn conference room Northeast, Maryland.
Tournament hours starts at 6:00 am till 2:00 pm.
For more information email pabassvp@gmail.com

Jul 06

District 3 Northeast Tournament

We here we go again our last tournament of the year.
The points race is coming to a close. At our Last tournament on the Bay we saw 3 bags over 20lbs, who knows how many we will have next week?
We are carrying over $200.00 in the pot from the first 2 tournaments. Which means we will have at least $500.00 in additional gift certificates from our District sponsors SFTackle, B&B Lures and PT Tackle.
Cut off date is 7/12/13. This means I need the Checks and apps. Friday, Thank You very mush!
Plan on fishing from safe light to 2:00 pm
This is not the pairings!
I will only take riders with guarantee owners at this point on.
If all goes well the field is 22 owners and 22 riders as of 7/10/13
Angler Co-Angler

7/14/2013 Northeast, Anchor Marine, MD – DAY 1
Boat# Name Club
– Page 1/2 –
Flight: 1
1 Boater VASILIOS KALARGYROS Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)
BART HOLLIS River Hills Bass Masters(5933)

2 Boater ED KAY Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
WILL HOLLIS River Hills Bass Masters(5933)

3 Boater ROBERT C. OBERLY Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)
KEVIN SEMRAU Lancaster County Hawg Hunters(6747)

4 Boater ROBERT R. MILLER River Hills Bass Masters(5933)
JOSHUA TUPPER Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

5 Boater JOHNATHON HELLER South Central PA Basscasters(5875)
RICHARD HENDERSON Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

6 Boater E. DEBOESER Border Line Bass Anglers(6250)
MICHAEL BURTON Lancaster County Hawg Hunters(6747)

7 Boater JASON BARROW Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
NATHAN COTE Lancaster County Hawg Hunters(6747)

8 Boater WILLIAM BARLOW Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

9 Boater BRUCE BRAMER Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
MARK ELY Chester County Bass Masters(9166)

10 Boater CRAIG SHILLING Border Line Bass Anglers(6250)
DAVE WILT Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)

11 Boater JOSEPH BOOKER Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
EDWARD STEFFY River Hills Bass Masters(5933)

12 Boater CHUCK ANTHONY South Central PA Basscasters(5875)
DOUG LAMBORN Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)

13 Boater LARRY MOORE Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
STEPHEN KOCH Border Line Bass Anglers(6250)

14 Boater RYAN URSO Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
JOSHUA HERTZOG Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)

15 Boater DONALD BRIDY The Extreme Anglers(10061)
RONALD LIVERS Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

16 Boater RANDY EDGAR River Hills Bass Masters(5933)
GARY LERANIAN Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

17 Boater RICHARD WITUSHYNSKY South Central PA Basscasters(5875)
DAVID M. MIZENKO Border Line Bass Anglers(6250)

18 Boater CHARLES HARVEY Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
SUE BLAKE Lancaster County Hawg Hunters(6747)

19 Boater JEFFREY FLICKINGER South Central PA Basscasters(5875)
OWEN HARVEY Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

20 Boater ROBERT BLAKE Lancaster County Hawg Hunters(6747)
BOB STOUGH South Central PA Basscasters(5875)

21 Boater JOHN RUPP Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)
PHILIP R. SULLIVAN Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)

22 Boater MICHAEL SABBI JR. Brandywine Bass Masters(7536)
BRIAN SETLOCK Lancaster County Bassmasters(5109)

Bold represents a change from Co-angler to Angler
Eastern Regional Champs

Jul 03

2013 Youth Championship

All youth club organizers please call Mike Burgess at 814-243-6035 to exchange information about the 2013 youth championship tournament.