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Welcome To The Tournament Director’s Corner!


PA Members,

Welcome to the 2020 Tournament Season.
I would first like to welcome our returning members and extend a special welcome to all of our new members who join the PA Bass Federation for the upcoming year.
The last 4 years have seen an explosion in participation throughout the country with the National Championship Semi Finals. In fact, this past year, PA sent TWO anglers and coanglers to the TBF National Championship. Never before, prior to the creation of the NCSF, has a state been able to send more than one angler/coangler to that event. And the more participation a state has in the NCSF, then the more members they can send. The NCSF also brought about an explosion in the amount TBF pays out at the National Championship; in fact the payout has nearly doubled in just these 4 short years.
This year with MLF acquiring FLW Worldwide, a lot of work had to be done behind the scenes by the National President and Board to make it as beneficial for our members as possible. And what a job they have done. I am just going to list two Major Accomplishments here: (1) Secured our TBF National Champion a spot in the FLW Pro Circuit Championship AND (if they want it) a spot in the FLW Pro Circuit the following year. (2) All the slots we have had in he past in the BFL All American (they were gone until they negotiated them back) – same as the Championship previously listed.
Another amazing accomplishment……the TBF National Champion will no longer get a boat to use to fish for a year like they did in the past………..they will get their very own Ranger 520C with ALL of the bells and whistles and it is THEIRS TO KEEP. Plus they will still get cash. Plus they will get to choose IF they want to fish any of the Tours and which one. Even if it is just the BFL’s. Because let’s face it, even if someone pays your entry fees into a Pro Circuit doesn’t mean you can afford to take all that time off from work. So now, instead of the package being called Living The Dream, it is now called Living YOUR Dream. There are a number of additional items but that is for other pages, emails and meetings. TBF is us and we are TBF. A company that stands on its own and has the power to negotiate.
As we prepare for the upcoming season, please be sure to check our tournament calendar and keep an eye on the home page. Email blasts will continue to be used for announcements so be sure that your email address is correct in the sytem (see your club membership person NOT the State Director)
On behalf of the State Tournament Committee: Myself, ASTD Steve Koch, VP Mike Sabbi, MD Mike Galka and Mike Smith), enjoy the holidays with your families and I look forward to seeing all of you again in the coming months…………Mr Bass, the PA State Championship, Team Regional and NCSF are just around the corner.

Christopher Wilson, President/State Tournament Director and Steve Koch, Assistant Tournament Director

State Tournament Director

Please see the Tournament Forms & Applications page for information for the state and district directors. 

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