2020 TBF National Championship Announced

Hello all,

Now that the final TBF National Semi-final is over and results are in this office and verified as of today. I wanted to get basic info out to each of you as soon as possible.

First off a congratulations on qualifying for the TBF Federation National Championship and secondly the dates, location and some information about the 2020 TBF Federation National Championship.

There is MUCH more details coming your way including some exciting news  about increased prize purse and structure that we think will benefit many more of our members nationwide and that many more will want to fish for and your registration packets should go out soon, so when you get those PLEASE fill them out and return them ASAP, there will be a deadline date to return them listed in the paperwork DO NOT MISS IT.

The 2020 championship will have a more angler friendly event layout, multiple advancement opportunities with full details all coming your way soon. We think and hope you are going to like the changes that are targeted to be more appealing to more grassroot TBF members. There are more announcements coming and more tournament opportunities to be announced soon as stated, so stay tuned for those announcements.  

So, rest assured that full details will be sent out to each of you very soon once they are all finalized but I wanted to get you the basic facts now that the National Semi Finals qualifiers are over and verified so you can plan your trip and any pre-practice time you might want as time is limited.  

The event will be held March 9-14, 2020 (this is a month earlier than normal because FLW had to move UP the 2020 BFL All-American a month to the end of April on their end) and I will tease you with the fact that FLW has already confirmed to TBF that 14 of you will qualify into that 2020 BFL All-American event! So as has been the case for years we wanted you to have at least 5-6 weeks after you qualify to get home, take off and go back to the AA.

The competition waters will be Grand Lake O The Cherokees in Grove, Oklahoma. Grand is centrally located, a great fishery with something for everyone and every type of angler, anyone can win here it is wide open.  The lake goes off limits February 24th, 2020 –  which is 2 weeks prior to the first official practice day out of your own personal boats on Monday March 9.  

As an example of just HOW diverse this lake is and what an even playing field it has been in the past for this event, I will list the top 3 boaters and co-angler from the 3 championship events we have held there before. Why list top 3? Because on this lake that is full of good fish, they were all separated by only ONE (1) fish…… one good bite in almost every case separated 1st from 2nd and 2nd from 3rd.

Past winners at previous Federation Championship held at Grand Lake are:

2013 – Boaters top 3

  1. Mark Daniels JR – California Federation
  2. Jason Hickey, Idaho Federation
  3. Ed Loughran, Nations Capitol Federation

Co-anglers top 3

  1. Ben Wright, NY TBF
  2. Chad Richardson, Wisconsin Federation
  3. Tony Lofranco, Washington Federation

2014 – Boaters Top 3

  1. James Biggs, Texas TBF
  2. John Talton, Tennessee Federation
  3. Dino Moutogiannis, Connecticut Federation

Co-anglers top 3

  1. Don Muir, Maryland Federation
  2. Stephen Scoggin Tennessee Federation
  3. Nicholas Marsh Michigan TBF

2015 – Boaters top 3

  1. Shawn Gordon, ARTBF
  2. Sam Heckman, Colorado TBF
  3. Brian Laclair, Delaware Federation

Co-anglers top 3

  1. Gilbert Gagner, Vermont Federation
  2. Wes Logan, Alabama Federation
  3. Phillip Duracz, Indiana Federation