About Us

The PENNSYLVANIA BASS FEDERATION INC. is a non-profit service organization comprised of seven geographically divided districts across the state. The Pennsylvania Bass Federation Inc. (PA Bass) was originally incorporated in 1972 as the Pennsylvania BASS Chapter Federation Inc. PA Bass is the original, largest and premier bass organization in the state.

Our organization is not a business; it is a passion; a passion grown from the love of our youth and a genuine concern for conservation enhancements. This passion is displayed by the supporting interest of all local bass clubs and districts across the state. PA Bass encourages each club to support their districts’ conservation efforts along with promoting fishing for our youth. The organization reflects its support to the Youth and Conversation programs through financial gifts and volunteering time. Our commitment to youth and conservation is second to none.

PA Bass Fed Inc., members find a great deal of satisfaction in competing in bass tournaments at all levels of competition. PA Bass offers more big-time tournament opportunities to its membership than any other bass organization in the state. PA Bass supports the catch and release program and strives to set a good example for tournament and recreational anglers alike. Sportsmanship is paramount.

With several new national partnership opportunities with The Bass Federation (TBF), FLW, and BassFan, PA Bass will continue to be the model for federation success. If you are interested in top notch youth clubs and programs, conservation issues & projects, or want to compete against and learn from the best bass anglers in the state, contact us at info@pabass.com. You are the type of person we are looking for.