Team Regional 2 – Updated, Final Results

Team Regional 2 concluded today and Congratulations to Charlie Sykes on the angler side and Jeff Miller on the coangler side for finishing on top of the individual standings. The Team side would see Blair Bassmasters go out with a 10 pound lead and finish with a TWENTY FOUR + pound margin over second place AMBA. But the other story of the day would see Clarion County come from a last place start and edge Berks Bassmasters out of pay day by 0.12 pounds anchored by the days Big Fish; 4.24LM caught by Jeff Manross. It also stung a little for Crawford County who would miss their pay day by only 0.36 pounds. Here are the results

PlaceClubDay 1Day 2Total weightPayout
1Blair Bassmasters52.9656.90109.86 $   1,050.00
2Allegheny Mtn.43.5442.0085.54 $      630.00
3Clarion County36.8840.0476.92 $      420.00
4Berks Bassmasters43.3233.4876.80 
5Crawford County41.4035.1676.56 
6Susquehanna Valley37.2837.2274.50 
Day 1Day 2Total
PlaceClubAnglers# fishWeightLunker# fishWeightLunker# fishWeight
1Susquehanna ValleyCharles Sykes515.804.66511.122.781026.92
2Blair BassmastersEd Fisher511.54 512.523.061024.06
3Blair BassmastersJason Haney49.22 513.08 922.30
4Crawford CountyMark Hughes511.683.14510.583.621022.26
5Crawford CountyEric Marsh512.224.0859.902.721022.12
6Blair BassmastersMitch Heaton512.143.8259.2 1021.34
7Clarion CountyDaryl Stankewich59.643.14510.503.201020.14
8Berks BassmastersTodd Harris511.362.7057.94 1019.30
9Clarion CountyJared Burrows59.48 58.223.001017.70
10Allegheny Mtn.Mike Vivis57.18 59.442.921016.62
11Berks BassmastersMike Taylor36.22 510.34 816.56
12Susquehanna ValleyDonn Troutman57.44 56.50 1013.94
13Allegheny Mtn.Jim Smith33.04 59.24 812.28
14Berks BassmastersRobert Entler55.28 46.76 912.04
15Clarion CountyJeff Manross46.80 14.244.24511.04
16Susquehanna ValleyDonald Feese34.42 36.042.92610.46
17Allegheny Mtn.Alex Nicoletti33.48 33.50 66.98
18Crawford CountyWade Adams11.82 34.56 46.38
Day 1Day 2Total
PlaceClubCo-Anglers# fishWeightLunker# fishWeightLunker# fishWeight
1Allegheny Mtn.Jeff Miller512.162.78510.622.921022.78
2Berks BassmastersBrandon Esterly511.30 58.44 1019.74
3Allegheny Mtn.Dave Palko512.384.2635.982.78818.36
4Blair BassmastersScott Hileman59.123.257.26 1016.38
5Blair BassmastersBryan Alleman33.22 510.72 813.94
6Clarion CountyBrett DalrympleDNFDNFDNF512.083.68512.08
7Crawford CountyMike Davis36.58 25.283.42511.86
8Blair BassmastersMike Berkheimer57.72 34.12 811.84
9Susquehanna ValleyDaryl Hunsberger11.20 48.783.7659.98
10Allegheny Mtn.Ryan Orsargos45.30 23.22 68.52
11Crawford CountyDon Dick35.18 22.80 57.98
12Susquehanna ValleyRon Boyer34.94 12.02 46.96
13Clarion CountyKevin Johnson36.522.9800.00 36.52
14Susquehanna ValleyTheo Ohler23.48 22.76 46.24
15Clarion CountyPhil Kaber11.08 35.00 46.08
16Crawford CountyKenneth Anderson II33.92 12.04 45.96
17Berks BassmastersCurtis McNeill35.66 00.00 35.66
18Berks BassmastersJonathan Stewart23.50 00.00 23.50
19Clarion CountyHunter Bruner23.36 DNFDNFDNF23.36

Team Regional 2 is off and running on Keuka Lake, NY. Six teams looking for bragging rights while 4 anglers and 4 coanglers hope to punch their ticket for the National Championship Semi Final in September.

Charles Sykes from Susquehanna Valley came out swinging and landed nearly a 16 pound bag anchored by the days Big Fish of 4.66. His weight sends him out in the morning with more than a 3 1/2 pound lead over 2nd place Crawford County angler Eric Marsh. On the coangler side things are a lot tighter and Dave Palko, AMBA, is in the hot seat by 0.32 pounds over fellow club member Jeff Miller. Dave had a 4.26 Big Fish to push him past Jeff. What will the morning bring? In the end though, for Team results it is consistency through the team members and that wins it. Blair Bassmasters owns the top spot after today a little more than 9 pounds in front of AMBA and Berks Bassmasters, a team from District 1 trying to steal the brass ring. Are they going to do both Regionals? Anyway, here are the results of day 1


PlaceClubDay 1Day 2Total weight
1Blair Bassmasters52.96 52.96
2Allegheny Mtn.43.54 43.54
3Berks Bassmasters43.32 43.32
4Crawford County41.40 41.4
5Susquehanna Valley37.28 37.28
6Clarion County36.88 36.88


Day 1
PlaceClubAnglers# fishWeightLunker
1Susquehanna ValleyCharles Sykes515.804.66
2Crawford CountyEric Marsh512.224.08
3Blair BassmastersMitch Heaton512.143.82
4Crawford CountyMark Hughes511.683.14
5Blair BassmastersEd Fisher511.54 
6Berks BassmastersTodd Harris511.362.70
7Clarion CountyDaryl Stankewich59.643.14
8Clarion CountyJared Burrows59.48 
9Blair BassmastersJason Haney49.22 
10Susquehanna ValleyDonn Troutman57.44 
11Allegheny Mtn.Mike Vivis57.18 
12Clarion CountyJeff Manross46.80 
13Berks BassmastersMike Taylor36.22 
14Berks BassmastersRobert Entler55.28 
15Susquehanna ValleyDonald Feese34.42 
16Allegheny Mtn.Alex Nicoletti33.48 
17Allegheny Mtn.Jim Smith33.04 
18Crawford CountyWade Adams11.82 
Day 1
PlaceClubCo-Anglers# fishWeightLunker
1Allegheny Mtn.Dave Palko512.384.26
2Allegheny Mtn.Jeff Miller512.162.78
3Berks BassmastersBrandon Esterly511.3 
4Blair BassmastersScott Hileman59.123.2
5Blair BassmastersMike Berkheimer57.72 
6Crawford CountyMike Davis36.58 
7Clarion CountyKevin Johnson36.522.98
8Berks BassmastersCurtis McNeill35.66 
9Allegheny Mtn.Ryan Orsargos45.3 
10Crawford CountyDon Dick35.18 
11Susquehanna ValleyRon Boyer34.94 
12Crawford CountyKenneth Anderson II33.92 
13Berks BassmastersJonathan Stewart23.5 
14Susquehanna ValleyTheo Ohler23.48 
15Clarion CountyHunter Bruner23.36 
16Blair BassmastersBryan Alleman33.22 
17Susquehanna ValleyDaryl Hunsberger11.2 
18Clarion CountyPhil Kaber11.08