PA State Team Regional 1 – Information

Welcome to the PA State Team Regional 1 tournament at Cayuga Lake, NY launching out of the Town of Union Springs; July 17-18. This event will qualify no less than 10 anglers and 10 coanglers to the National Championship Semi Final at Lake Wallenpaupak on September 19-20. It will also qualify at least 20 anglers and coanglers to the 2021 PA State Championship at a location TBD.

Official Practice: Sunrise Monday July 13 until 3:00pm Thursday July 16. During the official practice period, no competitor may be on the tournament waters with anyone who is not registered for the tournament and no competitor is allowed to obtain any information from any non-competitor. The only exception will be for an immediate family member. No competitor is allowed on the water after 3pm Thursday July 16 except during official tournament hours with the exception of driving the most direct route to on the water accommodations. Any competitor needing to be on the water outside the tournament hours for the purpose of testing repaired equipment will have to get approval from the tournament director. This does NOT include any motor break-in period.

Registration: Captains ONLY (DO NOT bring ANY team members) will receive the plates for their team members for both days, pay for the big fish pot of $120 and Facility Fee of $36 (total $156.00 exact change PLEASE). There will be ONE big fish payout for each day. Coanglers are reminded of the expense of operating a tournament boat and should offer to split the DAYS expense with their angler partner.

Location: Weigh-in Trailer at Union Springs

Time:  Wednesday July 15 from 3pm to 4pm AND Thursday July 16 from 3pm to 4pm.

**Any Captain (or designee) who has not registered the team by 4pm Thursday will be dropped from the tournament (no refunds).

**One person at a time at the trailer and remember that NY still has social spacing in effect for those in the line.

Launch Time: 5:30am

Check-in Time: Flight 1 – 2:45pm, Flight 2 – 3:15pm.

Check in boat will be in place at 2:30pm. Do not “buzz” the check in boat. IDLE ONLY speed and be sure you hear him repeat your boat number back to you. Anyone who does not check in with the check in boat will be marked 15mins late. If you come in early, you will have to go out and check in with the check in boat. There will be NO check in at the trailer or with ANY other tournament worker. Late is Late except for a boat towing in a competitor (you should call and let us know) or a boat who has otherwise rescued any competitor and bringing them in (call only when emergency is over). Note: check in times STILL APPLY to the towed or rescued boat.

Weigh-In Procedure: Due to social spacing requirements (at this time) you will remain IN YOUR BOAT and will be CALLED BY BOAT NUMBER to weigh-in. After you weigh your fish, you SHALL put them back in your livewell, hand your weigh in bags to the tournament worker and take your fish NO LESS than 100 yards beyond the buoy – your coangler can get your truck while you are doing this. Any competitor caught dumping their fish at the ramp will be disqualified. If the social spacing guidelines are otherwise relaxed or removed, we will run a normal weigh in with full tanks and announce it in the morning. The fish release WILL REMAIN the same.

Off Limits: There will be NO locking. Any area marked no fishing or if you are fishing in a marina and you are asked to leave, you will leave that area.