Again this year a very special event will be held on Raystown Lake.  PLEASE bring your boat for 1, 2 or all 3 days and take a kid and their families fishing.  These children are facing life threatening illnesses.  These few days bring a lot of joy to the children and their families.  Come on out, fish for smallies out of season (with the blessing of the PA Fish and Boat Commission) and watch sheer joy spread across a kids face as they pull in a big one.  You don’t even need a license (if you haven’t bought one yet).  You need a license but the families do not.

Rough schedule:

  • May 1st meet families at the motel (families and Our Wish members only)
  • May 2nd meet at Aitch boat launch Raystown Lake take kids fishing, lunch and diner
  • May 3rd meet at launch take kids fishing eat lunch depart

For more information and to sign up to help contact Bob Stiver:    or     814-943-4504 (H)

Bob, thanks for running the event again this year!