Mr. Bass Kickoff will be April 17th and 18th at Smallwood state park on the Potomac River. I apologize for the lack of information but have had some setbacks in securing the venue for the meeting. As of right now the Mandatory meeting will be at 6:00pm at Smallwood State park in Pavilion #2 which is located in the Main parking lot of the boat parking.  We will keep this meeting brief. I am still accepting application up until Tuesday the 14th.  Launch will be Safe light to 3:00pm on both days. Please make sure that at the meeting you come with your Ranger Bucks cards and $20.00 to cover both day lunker pot.  I will post later tonight with a list of applications already received. Please reach out and call me if your interested in fishing but haven’t submitted your app.  If you can’t attend the meeting then you must have a representative there on your behalf with your cell phone number.  Contact me at Bruce Bramer 215-407-7087. More to follow.  Please see post on Message board with Applications received.

Ranger Bucks is $225.00 for 1st,  125.00 for 2nd and $75.00 for 3rd.