2019 PA TBF District VII

December Minutes   12/17/2019

Meeting called to order @ 7:03 by Mike Galka

Members in attendance:  11

Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters (Joe Pacholec Sr., Tony Dorman, David Kozlansky, Joe Pacholec Jr., Mark Gruszkiewicz)

North Branch Bassmasters: (Matt Kline)

Lunker Landers: (Mike Galka, Chris Longo, Tom Hafner)

Wayne County Bassmasters: (George Bowers)

Primetime Anglers (Harry Graver)

Minutes: November 12, 2019 Minutes read by David Kozlansky

Accepted by: Tom Hafner, 2nd by Joe Pacholec Sr.

Treasury:   Tom Hafner via Text

  • Treasury currently at $XXXX.XX

Accepted by: Matt Kline 2nd by George Bowers

Youth & Conservation: George Bowers  

  • The “Fishing for a Cause” benefit tournament for 2020 will be held on October 25, 2020 at Lake Wallenpaupack.  The $1350 raised for the cause in 2019 is being donated to a young boy named Joey R. from Ashley.
  • George will be wrapping and taking fishing rods & reels again this Christmas Season to “The Children’s Hospital” that were given at a discount price or donated and distribute them to the children.

Accepted by: Joe Pacholec Sr., 2nd by Matt Kline

Tournaments: Matt Kline

  • The first of three PATBF D7 Tournaments of 2020 will be at Lake Wallenpaupack @ Capri Marina on Saturday, April 11th.
  • The 2nd and 3rd PATBF D7 Tournaments of 2020 will be at Cayuga Lake @ Union Springs on Saturday & Sunday August 15th & 16th with Saturday being 6:00 AM – 3:30 PM and Sunday being 5:30 AM – 2:00 PM.
  • There will be no fall PATBF D7 counting for 2021 as all NCSF qualifying tournaments need to be in that same calendar year per TBF.

Accepted by: George Bowers, 2nd by Tom Hafner

State Info: Mike Galka

  • Nothing to Report

Old Business:  

  • Tony Dorman will be going to Grand Lake in Oklahoma for the PATBF National Championship in 2020 with the tournament dates of March 12-14.  The boaters will be fishing out of their own boats in this tournament. 
  • David Kozlansky brought quotes about new scales to the meeting and a lengthy discussion took place.  It was voted on to table the decision until the March 2020 meeting after more quotes are complied with different package variations.

New Business:

  • A motion was made by Lunker Landers and 2nd by Prime Time to reimburse Matt Kline $100 for permit fees for the 2020 Cayuga Lake tournaments.  All were in favor.  A check was administered to him.
  • A check for $209.95 was written out to Major League Sports Bar for the PATBF D7 December Christmas Party. 
  • A discussion took place on when to have the first meeting of 2020.  March 10, 2020.

Motion to adjourn the meeting @ 8:43 by Mike Galka