2020 PA TBF District VII March Minutes 3/10/2020

Meeting called to order @ 7:00 by Mike Galka

Members in attendance:  8

Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters –Mark Gruszkiewicz, Jason Kiss, Joe Pacholec Sr., Joe Pacholec Jr.

North Branch Bassmasters: Matt Kline

Lunker Landers: Mike Galka

Wayne County Bassmasters: George Bowers

Primetime Anglers:  Harry Graver

Treasury:   Tom Hafner

  • Treasury $xxxx.xx—(No outstanding Balance) Tom emailed to Mike

Accepted by:   Joe Pacholec  Sr.     2nd by Matt Kline

Youth & Conservation: George Bowers

  • Fishing For a Cause Raffle Tickets –COMING SOON
  • Fishing for a Cause “Fall Classic” October 25thApplications Are Out
  • Application Received Debbie Wilson PATBF

Accepted by:   Mark Gruszkiewicz    2nd by Mike Galka

Tournaments: Matt Kline

  • 2020 PATBF District 7 Tournaments
  • Tournament#1-DATE-April 11/2020—WHERE-Wallenpaupack-LAUNCH-Capri Marina
  • Draw to follow cutoff Date and Time-Any Questions please Contact Matt Kline
  • Tournament #2/#3-Date AUG 15,16/2020-WHERE- Cayuga Lake – LAUNCH- Union Springs
  • SPECIAL NOTE:  Day 1 Aug 15-Start Time-6am—Weigh in Time-3:30 PM
  • Day 2 Aug 16-Start Time 5:30am Weigh In Time 2PM.

Accepted by:   George Bowers       2nd by Jason Kiss

State Info: Mike Galka

  • Mike and Sue, represented District 7 at the PABASS booth at “The Great American Outdoor Show” in Harrisburg
  • The REEL Kids casting competition had 866 kids participate this year, each kid got a new fishing pole for their efforts. WELL DONE, Barry Potteiger and his crew for organizing and running this 4 day (2 weekends) event. A lot of smiles and happy kids could be seen at this event,  “That’s what it’s all about”
  • While there Mike was asked to do a podcast about the PA BASS federation and its business. It can be heard online at rutandriverpursuits.com, click on LISTEN NOW. Scroll down to find Great American Outdoor Show part 2 and give a listen.   
  • Membership for District 7 is at 80 members which are up from 70 at this time last year. A list was passed around for the purpose of helping TBF purge its system of old clubs that are no longer active.
  • Mike also had a conversation with State Senators Lisa Bakers committee person pertaining to the state F&B Commission   allowing bass clubs to hold tournaments from April on and not just paper tournaments. More to come.
  • Mike also brought up the tragedy that happened on Pickwick reservoir, where during a high school team tournament, a team of 2 boys and their captains came up missing and have yet to be found. High waters (flood conditions) paired along with boat problems seem to be contributing factors. This is why safety is Paramount during our events, this is why TD’s air on the side of caution always, and this is why we ALWAYS need to follow all safety rules and precautions.

Old Business:  

  • Tony Dorman out at Grand Lake in Oklahoma for the PATBF National Championship.
  • New Tournament Scale still in discussion

New Business:

  • Tony Dorman out at Grand Lake in Oklahoma for the PATBF National Championship-into his  2nd day of practice-word has it -it was cold and –VERY-WINDY-the first day of practice-had a double but fishing was  tough-2nd day was A LOT better-hoping this pattern will carry over to the Tournament ! BEST OF LUCK Tony!
  • Mike Galka is bringing his Clubs Tournament scale to the Districts first Tournament at Wallenpaupack. Matt Kline to review scale.
  • Discussions about having a District 7 fundraiser to offset the cost of the scale-more to come.

Motion to adjourn the meeting @ 8:39 by Mike Galka

Accepted by:   George Bowers        2nd by Matt Kline

NEXT MEETING May 19th AT 7:00 PM AT Major League Sports Bar809 Main St, Sugar Notch, PA 18706