More Opportunities

More Opportunities = More Participation = More Money = Happier Members

The proposal at this past November BOD meeting was to Sanction the District Tournaments as STATE EVENTS.

Why? Because STATE events are the ONLY events that can qualify a member to the NCSF and it is something that a couple districts asked about in previous years. After doing some research, we found a way.

District Tournaments will now be State Sanctioned Events:

1. The Angler entry fee will be $100 and CoAngler entry fee will be $50.

a. The members still receive a 70% payback as they always have.

b. The District will send $6 per angler and $3 per coangler to the State Treasurer.

2. The District Tournament Director emails the results of the tournament to the President or his designee within 1 week of the tournament. Noting the winners and the amount paid to each

3. The District runs its tournaments according to the State Tournament Rules (which is already done).

4. Ranger Bucks will be paid to the highest finishing Ranger Angler at the end of the season. Minimum $100.

5. Anglers/CoAnglers from the District will qualify for the NCSF. The number of each will depend on how many people in total participate in the three District Tournaments.

6. Districts will use the tournaments completed for that year’s NCSF. Districts are reminded, with moving the event up to the second weekend in September, that the open invitation period for the NCSF is the month of August. If you go into August with an event, leave the members enough time to get into the tournament.

The Top 10% of District Anglers/CoAnglers will be invited to the NCSF and the Top 7 District Anglers will still be qualified for next year’s State Championship.

This proposal was approved with a UNANIMOUS vote of the BOD.

More Opportunities for More Members fishing in their Districts. A win win for everyone.


District Tournaments are State Sanctioned and NOT run as State Events. Only the clubs WITHIN the district running the tournament are restricted from holding a club event that day.

State Events – MR Bass, State Championship, BOD Meetings — No Club or District can hold ANY event on these days.

State Event – Team Regional 1 — No Club or District in 1, 3 or 7 can run an event.

State Event – Team Regional 2 — No Club or District in 2, 4, 5 or 6 can run an event.

District Tournament/Meeting — No Club in that District can run an event on that day.

The State Sanctioned District Tournaments are District Tournaments so Clubs in other Districts and other Districts ARE NOT restricted from those days; just like in the past.