District 3 Potomac River 4/28/19 tournament registered

Hi Guys,

Updated 4/26/19

the gate opens at 5:00am everyone must check in at the tournament trailer. Don’t forget to bring a extra money for the optional lunker prize and raffle prizes. I am posting the entrants for the tournament, as of now we have 33 boaters and 29 rides with some pending. This year we will be having Ranger bucks for Ranger owners. The leading Ranger owner will win $100.00 after the third tournament is over. You must wear Ranger approved shirts at all 3 tournaments. Have a safe trip down and I will see you all there on the water!

Mike 484-880-8366 pabassvp@gmail.com

Below is a list of boaters and riders! These are not the pairings

Boaters Riders

Mike Accord Daniel Adams

Joe Booker Noah August

Ray Bradshaw Tim Baker

Don Bridy Nathan Billhime

Tom Brown Al Carter

Kris Bucher Jim Dunn

Ray Caldwell Scott Duttera

Troy Davis Joe Finkeldey

Randy Edgar Roland Gittings

Jeff Flickinger Dave Wilt

John Heller Bob Hertzog

Austin Hoke Joshua Hertzog

Maurice Hudson Randy Hilbert

Doug Lamborn

Derrick Lozer Will Hollis

Harley Mills Matt Hugger

Larry Moore Adam Ivory

Harr Nurk Steve Koch

Christopher Patton Gary Leranian

William Peat Ron Livers

Barry Potteiger Dave Mizenko

Mike Sabbi Ryan Myers

Tejmohan Sawhney Sam Noel

John Schoener Brian Setlock

Marc Shoenfelt Dakota Snyder

Mark Snyder Dan Solomon

Jim Tyson Phil Sullivan

Jim Walker Scott Umberger

James Weigand Terry Wells

Kieth Williams Kade Wesner

Richard Witushynsky

Garrett Geiger

Steve Mulholland