2013 Western Regional

2013 Western Regional – Chautauqua Lake, New York. June 22&23
Location – Chautauqua Lake, New York
Launch Site – Prendergast Launch
Dates – Saturday and Sunday June 22nd and 23rd
Time – Saturday 6:00 am – 3:00 pm, (if we can launch earlier we will try)
Sunday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm
Registration: 4:45am on Saturday. You will get your partners for both days. No Sunday registration unless necessary.
Captains are responsible for ensuring that all team members are present, get registered and meet their partners each morning.
There will be no official hotel. Teams are responsible for finding their own accommodations. There are a numerous hotels, campgrounds, cottages and cabins in the area.
1st place team – $TBD
2nd place team – $TBD
3rd place team – $TBD
Top _TBD_ finishers will get a championship birth. Championship spots must be accepted within 2 weeks and application and fee must be mailed to Bruce Bramer.
Do not launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your rider.
This will be a 5 fish tournament, 12″ minimum.
No culling of dead fish. Dead fish MUST be taken with you.
Lunker Fee is $10 ($5 per day). We will do a Day 1 and Day 2 Lunker. Lunker must be a live fish.
All NY Boating and Fishing rules and regulation must be adhered to at all times.
All PA Bass tournament rules apply.
The Regional event is under the Boater/Rider format where the Boater and Rider share operation and control of the boat and fishing locations. The fishing day shall be split evenly allowing for travel time between locations. The Rider shall be given the opportunity to run the trolling motor and fish their choice of water if they choose to do so. This should be discussed between the Boater and Rider in the morning prior to launch.
It is suggested that the cost of the gas/oil used during the day be shared between the boater and the rider.
The area around the launch (100 yard radius) will be off limits. Any areas posted no boats means you cannot cast into those areas either.
Note about weigh-in. This will be a trailered weigh in as there are no docks at the launch site. Both partners must come together for the weigh in. Get in the line for bags (CANNOT use your own). When you get your bags, you can get your fish and bring them back for weigh in. When you come back with your fish they will be weighed and we will give you a copy of your slip. Please verify weight and get your pink copy. Return fish to water and return bags to table where you got them.
Last boat will call out numbers boat numbers.
There will be a check in person/boat at the launch. You must check in with them each day.
The tournament committee (District Officers present) will make the decision to hold a fog delay if necessary for safety. If so, the committee will make decisions regarding take off time, extending fishing hours, etc.
SAFETY – Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running. This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer. If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard. Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.
Please get your team applications to me as soon as possible.
Eric Marsh
12475 State Hwy 18, Apt. C
Conneaut Lake, Pa. 16316
Cell phone: 814-336-9119