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Feb 02

2017 Opening Thoughts

Happy New Year everybody! Hope the year is going well for all. Some have been venturing out, taking advantage of the weather we have been having. We’ve had some problems with the web site and posting, but seem to have it under control. This year it is quite possible we are going to see some major changes …

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Apr 01

MD DNR Tournament Angler Page

Just an update. I don’t know how long this page has been up, but I just found it the other week. Bare with the newbie. On this page you will find most of the new info for our sport in MD. There are links for bass basics, fish care, licensing, tides, etc. The applications for permits and …

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Apr 01

MD Tx Slot regulation stipulations and application

Hi everybody. I know I have been posting a lot about MD, and it’s desperate attempts to get control of it’s Bass fishing resources on the Chesapeake Bay. It’s the biggest thing going on the eastern side of the state and Mid-Atlantic Bass community right now. Changes are happening almost weekly. FLW and B.A.S.S. have also addressed it, and …

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Mar 28

MD Heard Our Concerns

Here’s what MD heard from us, about the new slot regulation imposed on tournaments. It was brought up at the last Roundtable in February, but they received no definitive ideas or direction. They admit they pushed it through, due to time constraints, wanting to start something this year. So this PDF contains many of the statements echoed across the …

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Mar 07

Tournament Hotel Deals

Hotel deals for several of the tournaments this year are as follows:   MR. BASS EAST          (BOOK SOON!) HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS   LAPLATA, MD 301-392-0065 95.00   EASTERN REGIONAL DAYS INN BREWERTON, NY 315-676-3222 67.95   STATE CHAMPIONSHIP HOLIDAY INN WATERLOO, NY 315-539-5011 89.00

Apr 16

2011 Mr. Bass East Results

 Mr. Bass East Tournament:    Mr. Bass East Staff:                  Fred Lewis (TD), Chris Wilson (ATD), David Kozlansky, David Ciarletta, and Jason Dubernas Location:           Smallwood State Park, MD Dates:                 Friday, April 15, 2011 and Saturday, April 16, 2011 Flight Times:     Flight One (6:00am – 3:30pm) and Flight Two (6:15am – 3:45pm) for both days Headquarters:  Super 8 Motel in Indian Head, …

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