2017 Opening Thoughts

Happy New Year everybody! Hope the year is going well for all. Some have been venturing out, taking advantage of the weather we have been having. We’ve had some problems with the web site and posting, but seem to have it under control. This year it is quite possible we are going to see some major changes in our sport. To start off with, there have been fish kills down in Maryland in the Gunpowder and Bird Rivers again. Again, algae are the noted cause, but not because of dying and decomposition robbing oxygen from the water. More like the specific species, Karlodinium veneficum, that produces a toxin that attacks the gills of fish causing them to suffocate, with little ability to escape. Over 10,000 fish of 9 different species were effected this time around. It is attributed to high levels of salinity in the bay watershed. The scary part is, this algae has been found as far north as the North East River in lower nontoxic levels. The Susquehanna in PA had another fish kill of it’s own, near the power plant almost to the day of last years. I haven’t heard anything else on that.  Next Wednesday Feb 8th, the Potomac River Fisheries Commission is holding a “State of the Tidal Potomac River Largemouth Bass Fishery” symposium at the District of Columbia’s Aquatic Resources Education Center at 6:30pm. A collaboration of D.C. Fisheries, VA DGIF and MD DNR. Biologists will be presenting their most recent data from surveys.

I haven’t heard anything more about possible tournaments during the spawn season. I’m waiting to hear more from PA Fish and Boat. We had a great turn out at Susquehanna Fishing Tackle. Big crowd and lots of give aways and deals. We thank  SFT for their continued support to the PA Federation. Don’t forget the Harrisburg Show will be Feb 4-12. Reel kids competition and booth need some volunteers. Contact Barry about possible passes for those who work the show booths. I will be there Sat Feb 4th for most of the day with my son.

I will also be at the Zeko Shoes booth for a bit, since they are one of my partners. They are better than any other shoe out there. I wear mine all the time, all year round. They are light weight and comfortable at only 5.5oz per shoe- lighter than a bait caster!!! Also more stylish than any other option. Available in 10 colors and patterns.  Cold winter rains are the only time I don’t wear them.  Everybody can get 10% off their purchase when they order them from the Zeko Shoes web site. Just enter my name “JohnHenning” in the promo code area. We are working on a partnership with them with the Federation as well. Hope to see you all at the show, and out on the water. Tight Lines!!!