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Apr 11

District 2 – Sunbury, State Park – 7/27/14

Location – Lake Augusta, Sunbury, PA
Launch Site – State Park
Date – Sunday, July 27th
Time – 6:00 am (or safe light) – 2:00 pm
Registration – 4:45 am to 5:45 am

Note: Registration will be at the Red trailer at the Launch. You must park the trucks and trailers in the overflow lot. Vehicles that are parked at the ramp will be ticketed. Weigh in will be at the Marina building.

We will blast off from the no wake area near the launch.

Weigh-in will be at the Marina building (old restaurant). We will be allowed to use any open docks. The trailer will be set up on the south side of the building. Tie up in one of these docks, then come up to the table, turn in your numbers, get and sign your weigh-in slips (keep them), then get in line for a bag (CANNOT use your own). Get your fish from your boat; have bag dinked & weighed. Give me your slip, verify weight and get your yellow copy. Return fish to water and return bags to table where you got them.

Do not launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your co-angler.
This will be a 3 fish tournament, 15″ minimum.
No culling of dead fish. Dead fish MUST be taken with you.
Lunker Fee is $10. Lunker must be a live fish.
All PA Boating and Fishing rules and regulation must be adhered to at all times.
All PA Bass tournament rules apply.
Angler must fish from the front deck and the Co-Angler must fish from the rear deck only.

It is suggested that the cost of the gas/oil used during the day be shared between the boater and the rider.

Last boat will call out numbers and each boat will launch every 10 seconds.

The tournament committee (District Officers present) will make the decision to hold a fog delay if necessary for safety. If so, the committee will make decisions regarding take off time, extending fishing hours, etc.

SAFETY – Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running. This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer. If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard. Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.

Applications I received to date. Updated 4/11/14. This is not the pairing.

Anglers (* denotes guaranteed)
1. George Barnes – Washberry (verbal)

Co-Anglers (* denotes guaranteed)
1. Terry Beck – Washberry
2. Randy Gordner – Washberry

Applications are being accepted.


Apr 07

2014 District 2 Tournament 1 Results

Mar 30

District 3 Potomac River April 27th

2013-04-21 14.41.252013-04-21 14.45.37

Welcome back District 3 Anglers!

Let’s try to get your applications in before April 22nd. There is only 10 days to get your apps. in for us to process them into the computer. Please don’t wait till the last minute! If you don’t have a printer you can email the application to me and mail your check.

Contact me for any questions



District 3 Tournament Director

C/O Mike Sabbi

17 West Uwchlan Ave.

Downingtown, Pa. 19335

Once again we will be giving out Gift Certificates from our District 3 Sponsors.

That’s right we will be making no profit from anyone that fishes our tournaments after expenses.

We will have plaques for each District 3 Tournament for Angler and Co-Angler winners.

D.C. waters will be off limit!

As of 4/11/14 here are the apps. received. This not the launch order!


1.James Schneck

2. Mike Sabbi

3. Ryan Urso

4. Richard Witushynsky

5.Jeff Fleckinger

6. Ron Bane Jr.

7.Doug Lamborn

8 Jin Weigand

9 Fred Bowers

10 Charles Dorrough*

11 Barry l Potteiger*

12 John Kopp

13 Kris Bucher

14 Robert Blake*

15 Greg Plank*

16 Robert Miller

17 Harry Nurk

18 Bruce Bramer pending

19 Larry Moore pending

20Thomas Brown

21Larry Fair

22 Ray Bradshaw

23Vince DeBoeser





1. Phil Sullivan

2. Ken Ansbach

3.Jim Harten

4 Michal H Krause

5 Greg Rzeplinski

6 Mike Button*

7 Jeremy J Krause

8 Steve Wagner

9 Benjamin J Rifflord

10 Doug J Moore*

11 Sue Blake*

12 Steve Koch

13 Nate Cote

14 Chris Wilson Pending

15Josh Hertzog

16 Dave Cairletta

17 Mike Eldredge

18 Jack Szentmiklosi

19 Robert Stough pending



* indicates guarantied

Mar 07

District 2 – Williamsport, Antlers – 4/6/14

Location – Williamsport, PA
Launch Site – Antlers Launch
Dates – Sunday, April 6th
Time – 7:00 am – 3:00 pm, (if we can launch earlier we will try)
Registration – 5:45 am to 6:45 am

Payout (based on 21)
1st – $ 588
2nd – $ 353
3rd – $ 235
1st – $ 294
2nd – $ 176
3rd – $ 118

These are the pairing.
Boat # Angler / Co-Angler
1 Keith Houseknecht / Randy Gordner
2 Robert Parmer Sr. / Scott Laukhuff
3 Bill Brown / Anthony Kashiwsky
4 Jason Shipton / Gene Snyder
5 Steven Lowe / Kevin Zimmerman
6 Wayne Gates / Dave Ciraulo
7 George Barnes / James T. Wilkins
8 —dropped—
9 Greg Jones / Brett Dalrymple
10 Mark Gruszkiewicz / Robert Fry
11 Stanley Wisniewski / Chad Wolfe
12 Bob Brody / Eddie Laforme
13 Jim Buehler / Timothy Rundle
14 Donn Troutman / Terry Olmstead
15 Clyde Houseknecht / Dave Kozlansky
16 Joe Shady / Garrett Enders
17 Bob Parmer Jr. / Richard Jordan Jr.
18 Danny Poust / Ron Boyer
19 Andy Cook / Mike Foreman
20 Bill Boysha / Nick Osman
21 Charles B. Sykes / Terry Beck
22 Tom Prowant / Maurice Hudson

Results have been posted at: http://pabass.com/2014-district-2-tournament-1-results/

Thank you to all of the guys that switched to be boaters and for the last minute fill in. If you were the one that accidentally forgot to return your weigh in bag, please give me a call and let me know. Thank you.

updated: 4/11/14

Mar 05

Maryland DNR Black Bass Roundtable 2014

From our friends at Maryland DNR:


Hello, the minutes from the Black Bass Roundtable held on Feburary 10 are now posted online along with a tentative work plan and Potomac River summary report.


For more information on the minutes and actions being taken as a result of the meeting, please consult the Roundtable 2014 information at:  http://dnr.maryland.gov/fisheries/bass/mr.asp.


For questions or comments, please e-mail Joseph Love at jlove@dnr.state.md.us

Mar 03

2014 Applications

Mr Bass Kickoff and District Tournament applications for 2014 are on the tournament applications web page.  More coming soon!

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