Jan 30

Maryland Annual Black Bass Roundtable this February 4

Not so nicely formatted agenda below:  Items of interest to us as bass fishermen who use these waters are in bold

Black Bass Roundtable (2016)

Tentative Agenda

Tawes Office Building – Conference room, C-1

580 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401

9:00 am Opening Remarks, sign-in sheet

9:10 am Announcements

I. Status of National Harbor Reef Ball project (Joe Love)

a. timetable provided to roundtable

II. Status of black bass stamp (Roger Trageser)

III. Status of licensed charter boat guide website (Gina Hunt/Joe Love)

IV. Status of catch-and-return area regulation proposal (Joe Love)

V. Status of Rogues Harbor project (Tony Prochaska)

a. decision letter from DNR internal review provided to roundtable

VI. Status of 2016 changes to tournament permitting system, enforcement (Branson Williams)

VII. Status of 6 mph zone on lower Gunpowder (Joe Love)

a. Petition for 6 mph zone at the spoils

VIII. Status of bass fisheries, grasses in Potomac and Upper Bay (Joe Love)

a. annual review to roundtable

b. fishery management plan update (on-line)

c. stocking strategy to improve recruitment (Joe Love/Brian Richardson)

10:10 am Discussion

I. Middle River fish kill (Scott Sewell)

a. Responses by agencies and organizations, surveys and reporting

b. MD DNR stocking proposal for Middle River and other areas

c. Action requested: approval of stocking proposal

II. Possum Point pollution issues, other pollution problems in bass fishery areas

(Steve Chaconas/Keith Barker/Nick Kuttner)

a. MD DNR letter provided to roundtable

b. Data on sanitary sewer overflows in Broad Creek (Matt Lawrence)

b. Strategy by the Department’s Tidal Bass Program regarding these issues

c. Action requested: approval of strategy

III. Redistribution of bass following tournaments

a. Minutes of 2015 meeting provided to roundtable

b. Outcome and draft policy

c. Action requested: provide comments on policy to Joe Love

11:30 pm Additional Discussion

12:00 pm Adjourn

Jan 05

Bass University at the Great American Outdoor Show – Feb 6-7

2016 Bass University – Great American Outdoor Show – Feb. 6-7 – Limited Seating Available – Learn from the biggest pros in the Bass Fishing World! For more information or to register online click here.


Jan 04

2016 Great American Outdoor Show

Dec 30

Come support Pennsylvania Bass Federation State Sponsor Susquehanna Fishing Tackle



Last year’s Bass Fest was a huge success, so this year we made it even bigger and better! Manufacturer reps from many of the top brands will be on hand to show their latest tackle for 2016. We will even have bass boats on display! The store will be packed with amazing deals and we will once again be giving away tons of huge prizes! Last year many of you came out last year for the awesome free seminars. This year we outdid ourselves and will be bringing in some of the top names in the business! This year we will have seminars from:

Mark Zona

Dave Mercer

Russ Lane

Pete Gluszek

Adrian Avena

Joe Sancho

It is not often that you can get free advice from names like this, so don’t miss out!

Bass Fest will be coming to you January 14 – 16 at our shop in Columbia, PA. If you need help finding us, click here.


Thursday, January 14: 9:00am-9:00pm

Friday, January 15: 9:00am-9:00pm

Saturday, January 16: 7:00am-4:00pm

Dec 12

Maryland meeting on Tidal Bass Stockpiling following touranments

Please read the document published by MD DNR.  This meeting was held October 27, 2015.  Regulation changes including tournament permit rule changes, size limit changes and creel limit changes may or may not be implemented so if your club has tournaments on the bay, pay attention.

You can link to the DNR web site to see this and other pertinent documents here


Or read the document here.

Nov 21

New Qualifying for TBF National Chamiponship coming in 2016

The Bass Federation, Inc. (TBF) Announces Massive Expansion and Format Change To Its Adult Program For The First Time Since 1990

All New TBF National Semi Final Events

Ponca City, Ok. (October 23, 2015) – The Bass Federation (TBF) announced today that it is expanding the adult qualifying program from seven TBF division championships to a TBF National Semi-Finals Program comprised of more than 20 “close-to-home” events.

“It is time,” was the theme heard throughout the 2015 state presidents’ conferences, which were held in conjunction with the Forrest Wood Cup in August in Hot Springs, Ark.

The 2016 season will mark the final year the long-established TBF framework of seven division championships will serve as the process by which anglers qualify nationwide into the biggest events with the largest prizes in all of competitive fishing. It will be replaced by a massive expansion of more than 20 TBF National Semi-Final events. Both programs (the division championships and the new National Semi-Final events) will run concurrently for the 2016 transition year so that no one is left out.

The basic structure of TBF’s current adult program was voted into place in 1990 by the state federation presidents. It has served the federation well for 25 years. The first hurdle in making such a major change is getting all state presidents to agree on a basic outline and then working through all the details to roll it out. When the presidents work through this, it’s a pretty good vetting system and the new concept outline was voted into place unanimously by all states attending TBF’s 2015 annual meetings.

The new TBF National Semi-Finals Program will make competing much more cost effective and much more rewarding financially, with travel costs way down and cash payout direct to the individual anglers increased. No longer will TBF members have to travel across the nation to attempt to qualify for the Federation National Championship, or to earn one of 14 TBF member qualifying spots into the BFL All-American or to qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup and the FLW Tour with all entry fees paid, use of a custom wrapped Ranger boat all year and a chance of a lifetime to “Live The Dream.”

“Obviously as you will see we are not cutting anything, we are drastically expanding something that has been very successful and that decision was not taken lightly,” said Robert Cartlidge, TBF president and CEO. “Of course, the states have made improvements over the years to the program, such as the national insurance program started in 1991, the TBF\FLW Living The Dream program, numerous member discounts, doubling the number of anglers from each state advancing to the Federation National Championship and advancing beyond the Federation National Championship in our partnership in fishing with FLW in 2006, but this is the first major revamp and expansion of the basic format.”

Highlights of the new program include:
• All National Semi-Final events will take place in two- and three-state groups, so travel will only be “next door”. This means not only is travel costs greatly reduced and payouts greatly increased but the new program will host a National Semi-Final event in every market segment of North America.

• Anglers want to fish for some money, so that will be a huge added feature.

• This program greatly reduces the amount of time required to qualify and advance.

• In a giant new club benefit for every individual TBF affiliated club in good standing with their state, they will have the ability to qualify their top angler(s) direct from their club to a TBF National Semi-Final.

• Larger membership states will qualify more anglers to a National Semi-Final because they have more members competing. Each state federation will send a minimum of 12 anglers to a National Semi Finals, there is no maximum based on membership participation and growth.

• MORE anglers from each state will also advance to the TBF Federation National Championship. For instance at the 2017 Federation National Championship at least 2 boaters and 2 co-anglers from each state. Depending on participation numbers, some states may advance even MORE.

• State Pride – The program will continue a new “State vs State Competition” piece within each National Semi-Final where a percentage of top qualifying anglers will represent their home state with significant prizes and bragging rights for the state who wins their National Semi- Final.

• All payouts will increase significantly across the board however a major emphasis and rewards are being added for those members qualifying as a co-angler in each National Semi-Final and in the Federation National Championship.

• Full details and outlines will go out to the state Federation Presidents & membership in coming days and weeks and be posted to bassfederation.com as the new program is rolled out.

“TBF as the oldest and largest organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation group at the grassroots level has been laser-focused on the High School Fishing program since we founded that movement nationwide in 2007,” Cartlidge continued. “The High School program is well established and continues to grow annually by leaps and bounds. It’s time for us to turn the same laser focus we used to found and develop the wildly successful National High School program toward our adult program, and we are doing exactly that.”

“Many of our programs are widely imitated in the industry, in part, because they are so successful, so we do recognize this change will affect a lot of folks,” Cartlidge added. “I’m sure this new program the presidents have built will be imitated as well, and change will spread. As an industry leader in grassroots fishing, we have a responsibility to look ahead to the next 25 years, recognize the world is a different place than it was in 1990 and build a program that fits today lifestyles and economy. Most federation members do not want to fish professionally full time but they all would like the chance to try their skills against other members, have some fun, earn their share of a nice prize pool and possibly advance to fish the biggest events in all of fishing once in their lifetime. This program provides every club member with that chance.”

About The Bass Federation
The Bass Federation Inc., (TBF) is owned by those we serve and dedicated to the sport of fishing and proudly “partners in fishing” with FLW. TBF is a member of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and the only 100% member-owned national fishing organization. TBF is the largest and oldest organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation organization in North America. TBF-affiliated state federations and their member clubs conduct more than 20,000 fishing, youth and conservation events each year. The Federation has provided a foundation for the entire bass fishing industry for more than 45 years. For more information about TBF visit Bassfederation.com or look for bassfederation on Facebook.


The Bass Federation, Inc.
5998 N Pleasant View Road
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601


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