Scattered T-storms ending by 10am with a high of 83 by 2pm. In the event of lightening, get to the shore and seek shelter; don’t be a hero.
Morning Rain can make launching challenging. Be patient, be calm and be friendly.
530am is still the target launch time but visibility will be the determining factor.
Marinas are OFF LIMITS. 
The definition of a Marina for this prohibition – a defined opening with a protected area for boats tied up to a dock. 
Marked or not marked they are off limits. Calls have already been made with complaints of PA boats where they are not supposed to be. There is plenty of lake to fish.
Not included is a bunch of docks on the main lake. That is not part of this definition.
Weigh-in – If you are boat number 16-26 in the first flight do not go straight to the dock, wait for 1 to 15 to get weighed in and away from the dock. When tied up to the dock, Stay in your boat, you will be called up by boat number. Do not go up to get a bag, you will be returned to your boat. For the second flight, same procedure as above for boats 27-40 and 41-51.
Remember – you have to take the fish back to your boat, turn in your bag to Mr Galka and take the fish out to about 6ft of water while your coangler gets your truck. DO NOT dump them at the dock.
2020 Regional Day One Pairings
1 Randy Edgar   Charles Englebright
2 John Palmer   Jon Ridolfi
3 Mark Bower   Terry Wells
4 Ron Wolf   Joe Pacholec Jr
5 Randy Follmer   Zack Doka
6 Will Hollis   Adam Ivory
7 Kris Bucher   Ed Guidon
8 Greg Smith   Ron Gable
9 Manny Hicks   Brian Yusella
10 Keith Houseknecht   Jim Walker *
11 Joe Cinaberry   Bob Gilpin
12 Mike Galka Sr   Vince Julian
13 Chris Wilson   Levi McCarty
14 Tom Jeffery   Ron Walter
15 Jay Newsome   Lenny Jeneski *
16 Tim Dolon   Cooper Rosen
17 Bob Lengyel   Bart Hollis
18 Mike Smith   Dave Birchler
19 Mark Diehl   Mike Galka Jr
20 Bob Tibbens   Justin Lacomis
21 Joe Labarbera   Scott Senna
22 Mike Sabbi   Justin Frey
23 Harley Mills   RickCimino
24 keith Goss   Bryan Haberstroh
25 Bob Brody   Scott Snyder
26 Jack Hinkle   Steve Koch
27 Jim Hawkins   Jason Cavanaugh
28 Mark Gruszkiewic   John Hamilton
29 Bill Burnside   Phil Sullivan
30 Joe Culver   Jeff Herman
31 Shawn Cauley   Randy Pilecki
32 Andy Cook   Mark Diehl
33 Brian Grant   Mike McConnon
34 Matt Kline   Jonathan Markel
35 Jeff Bailey   Shawn Winkleman
36 Mike Shumanis   Harry Graver
37 Scott Fankhanel   Len Speed
38 Tom Hafner   Kenny Leith
39 Chris Patton   Dave Kozlansky
40 Thomas Calleri   Carmine Saprona
41 Shawn Richard   Mike Dalton
42 Jess Salmon   Zack Graver
43 Steve Chorba   Michael Lusaitis
44 Chris Longo   Phil Lyons
45 Nate Cote   Carl Wilson
46 Tony Dorman   Bill Lesiak
47 Joe Dziedzic   Vince Riotto
48 Ray Bradshaw   Orville Ortwine
49 Charles Harris   Randy Hilbert
50 Rick Mullen   Dylan Lego
51 Burr Shaw   Tom Brown