Regional Team 2 Tournament – Lake Erie

There are 9 teams registered for the State Regional Team tournament on Lake Erie June 20-21, 2015.

1. Leggett’s Creek A
2. Leggett’s Creek B
3. Bassmaster’s of Crawford County 1
4. Bassmaster’s of Crawford County 2
5. Blair Bassmasters
6. Tyrone Bassmasters
7. Allegheny Mountain Bassmasters
8. Clarion County Bassmasters
9. Bassaholics


1st Place $1575

2nd Place $945

3rd Place $630

State Regional Team 2 tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday June 20-21, 2015 at Presque Isle State Park located in Erie, Pa.

Launch Site: Marina Bay (aka West Pier)

Tournament Hours; 6am-2pm each day unless otherwise changed due to weather or other conditions at tournament time (park gate is opened around 5am so don’t get there too early or you’ll just have to wait)

Limits: 3 fish- 15 inches long

Lodging: Not established. Some clubs have already made their own reservations. I was not able to secure the previous used hotel as its has been booked for months.

Pre-Meeting: “There will be no pre-meeting. Anglers shall register the first morning and will meet their partner at the launch site and get their boat number in the morning prior to the start of the event. I will do the pairings and boat draw by Friday. Team captains can contact me for that info in advance if you like. As always these are subject to change up to the time of launch.

Lunker pool: An optional $10 per day ($20 for both days)lunker pool will be collected. Day one and day two lunker will be paid.

Fishing Locations: Presque Isle Bay and Lake Erie (Pa Water Only). All marinas are off limits. No wake within 500 feet of shoreline. Lagoon area is electric motor only. No boats within 100 ft of Gull point or designated swim areas.

Each boater is responsible for ensuring that their boat/trailer is free of all aquatic vegetation prior to entering the water each day and prior to exiting the park each day. Park staff may prohibit entry or exit until condition is met. Park staff are responsible for enforcement.

Fishing Licenses: All anglers fishing Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay and their tributaries, including waters that flow into those tributaries are required to possess a valid Pa Fishing License and a Lake Erie permit or Combination Trout/Salmon/Lake Erie permit.

Weather: Fishing is open to Lake Erie weather permitting. In addition, if there is a small craft advisory the event will be restricted to the Presque Isle Bay.

Fish Care: Fish that are caught from deep water often have inflated swim bladders. Please be prepared to “fizz” your fish, use fin clips etc. Make sure you have a good fizzing tool. Fizzing should be done as soon as possible in your livewell to ensure the best survivability. Plan to use Catch and Release, Rejuvenade, or something similar. Also, plan to use ice to keep your livewell temperature cool so that it holds oxygen better. Anglers are responsible for the release of live fish each day and must return them to the area beyond the no wake buoys in the middle of the Bay. Anglers are responsible for their own dead fish. You may beach your boat on the adjacent shore line or trailer your boat provided your fish are in good shape with livewells running. Remember though that you have to release your fish out in the bay.

Safety: Please make sure all of your safety gear is in good shape. Lifejackets, throw devices, flares, signal flags, whistles, sound producing devices etc. Read and be aware of the special safety requirements for Lake Erie. Make sure all of your bilge pumps work.

In the event of life or death emergency call 911 and/or the US Coast Guard. At some point contact me to explain the situation at 814 336 9119 and your team captain.

Non life threatening emergencies contact me, then your team captain. You and your team captain/members will be responsible for boat towing or other non-life threatening situations. Here are some numbers for the coast guard and a tow company.

1 Coast Guard Road
Erie, PA 16505
Presque Isle State Park
(814) 838-2098

Lakeshore Towing Services Inc./Tow BoatUS
– Address: 34 State St., Erie, PA 16507
– Phone: 453-6387
– Website:
Towing services
– 24-hour service from May 1 to Dec. 1. Other times depending on the weather.
– Fees start at $180/hour, calculated from when a towboat leaves the dock until it returns to the dock. Salvage fees are higher (sunken boats, boats run aground, etc.)
– Average tow lasts one and a half hours.
– Payment from Boat U.S. members’ insurance, Lakeshore Towing members, or out of pocket from customers. The company accepts cash, check or credit card.
– Annual membership is $65 for coverage in Pennsylvania waters of Lake Erie, $95 for all U.S. waters of Lake Erie.

• Visual distress signals are required for boats operating on Lake Erie.
• Visual distress signals must be U.S. Coast Guard approved, have legible approval numbers, be in serviceable condition and be readily accessible. An expiration date must be stamped on flares.

Any questions please call me at 814 336 9119 or email me at

Be Safe,