Regional 2, Keuka, State Park 7/10 -7/11

* Some minor changes due to social spacing requirements.

*** Any last minute changes like weigh in times, possible trailered weigh in, etc, will be discussed at the Captain’s meeting. It will be the responsibility of the captain’s to inform team members of any changes to the posted rules below. ***

Location – Keuka Lake
Launch Site – State Park Launch
Dates – Friday and Saturday, July 10th and 11th
Time – 5:30 am – 1:30 pm (1st flight Boats 1-9) and 1:45 pm (2nd flight Boats 10 -18), (if we can launch earlier we will try)

**One person at a time at the trailer and remember that NY still has social spacing in effect for those in line. Face covering are recommended at weigh in, in the restrooms, and whenever social distancing cannot be maintained.

Captain’s meeting at the State Park Launch ramp at 4:30 am Friday morning.
All team captains must check in their team, get their team parings for both days and pay Lunker ($10 per day per man) when they check in Friday morning.

The parking fee is $7 per vehicle (either car or truck with boat) and must be paid when leaving the park.

1st place team – $1050
2nd place team – $630
3rd place team – $420

Ranger Bucks
1st – $100

To qualify for Ranger Bucks, you must notify me prior to the start and have the card available, and must comply with all the rules associated with it (have your card with you, have your gear on, take your picture at the boat near the water, have decal on boat, etc).

Top 10% of the field will be offered a spot at the 2020 National Championship Semi Final. Top 40% will be offered a spot at the 2021 PA State Championship.

Do not launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your rider.

This will be a 5 fish tournament, 12″ minimum.
No culling of dead fish. Dead fish MUST be taken with you.
Lunker Fee is $10 per day. Lunker must be a live fish.
All NY Boating and Fishing rules and regulation must be adhered to at all times.
All PA Bass tournament rules apply.

The Regional event will be under the Angler / Co-Angler format (same as all other State and District tournaments) so the Angler will operate the boat and choose fishing locations.

It is suggested that the cost of the gas/oil used during the day be shared between the boater and the rider.

The area around the launch will be off limits. Any areas posts no boats means you cannot cast into those areas either.

Keuka speed limit is 45 mph, and is enforced by radar. If ticketed, you could be disqualified.

Remember NO POWER LOADING at the ramp.

Note about weigh-in. Please tie up to the dock if there is an open slip, pull up on the shoreline, or wait out on the water. If you want to pull your boat out, you can trailer it but fish care should be considered. The co-angler should come up to the trailer to get in the bag line. Please remember to use social distancing. Get both bags (CANNOT use your own). When you get your bag, you can get your fish and bring them back for weigh in. When you come up to the scale with your fish, turn in your boat number, give me your name, verify weight and get your yellow copy of the weigh in slip. Return fish to water near the end of the slips, not at the ramp and return bags to the end of the line where you got them.

Last boat will call out numbers and each boat will launch every 10 seconds.

The tournament committee (District Officers present) will make the decision to hold a fog delay if necessary for safety. If so, the committee will make decisions regarding take off time, extending fishing hours, etc.

SAFETY – Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running. This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer. If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard. Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.

**Any culling system utilized must reduce fish handling stress and injury (e.g., clips and color coding). Devices that use or require punching / piercing a hole in the fish’s mouth are NOT permitted. Fish should not be lifted from a livewell by culling tubes, ropes, etc., in an attempt to reduce stress.

These are the pairings (sorry about formatting issue). Updated 7/9/20.

PA Bass Fed. Regional 2 – Keuka, Day 1 7/10/20

Boat # Angler Co-Angler
1 Alex Nicoletti Theo Ohler
2 Charles Sykes Phil Raber
3 Jim Smith Don Dick
4 Wade Adams Jonathan Stewart
5 Jason Haney Daryl Hunsberger
6 Jared Burrows Kenneth Anderson II
7 Robert Entler Mike Davis
8 Todd Harris Ron Boyer
9 Eric Marsh Curtis McNeill
10 Jeff Manross Scott Hileman
11 Mike Taylor Jeff Miller
12 Donn Troutman Bryan Alleman
13 Donald Feese Dave Palko
14 Mike Vivis Mike Berkheimer
15 Mitch Heaton Ryan Orsargos
16 Ed Fisher Hunter Bruner
17 Mark Hughes Kevin Johnson
18 Daryl Stankewich Brandon Esterly

PA Bass Fed. Regional 2 – Keuka, Day 2 7/11/20
Boat # Angler Co-Angler
1 Daryl Stankewich Bryan Alleman
2 Donn Troutman Ryan Orsargos
3 Mark Hughes Scott Hileman
4 Donald Feese Jeff Miller
5 Jeff Manross Brandon Esterly
6 Ed Fisher Dave Palko
7 Mike Vivis Hunter Bruner
8 Mike Taylor Mike Berkheimer
9 Mitch Heaton Kevin Johnson
10 Jared Burrows Don Dick
11 Jim Smith Daryl Hunsberger
12 Jason Haney Curtis McNeill
13 Alex Nicoletti Jonathan Stewart
14 Charles Sykes Mike Davis
15 Wade Adams Ron Boyer
16 Robert Entler Theo Ohler
17 Eric Marsh Phil Raber
18 Todd Harris Kenneth Anderson II

The park has recommended that we do not have the awards at the end of the second day weigh in to promote social distancing. I will do my best to have the results posted Saturday evening. The checks will go in the mail on Monday morning.

Minor changes/corrections were made to the pairings. If anyone is not fishing the tournament and is able to help out at weigh in or is up fun fishing on Friday or Saturday and have room for me on their boat, please let me know. If you are interested in fishing the District tournament on Sunday, let me know.

*** Any last minute changes like weigh in times, possible trailered weigh in, etc, will be discussed at the Captain’s meeting. It will be the responsibility of the captain’s to inform team members of any changes to the posted rules above. ***

Updated: 7/9/20