Last Chance for 2014!



September 20-21, 2014


In 3 weeks, the Last Chance tournament will take place on Sayers Lake. This is open to all Federation members including those who have already qualified for the Championship. Qualified members will be fishing for cash while those who have not qualified will be fishing for both cash and a spot in the Championship. Some people may be fishing for a position change from co-angler to angler or angler to co-angler. Whatever the purpose, this tournament is a “race to the finish line”. There is no pre-tournament meeting so that saves the expenses of a hotel stay for that night if you choose. With the launch on the first day scheduled at 9am, it is an easy morning drive from the farthest corner of the State. When you arrive, you will pay for lunker for the two days and draw your boat number. If everyone is checked in and ready to go, we will launch. If you are not there by 9am you are out (no exceptions). The weigh-in for day one will be 3pm. After you weigh-in you will draw your boat number for day 2 and meet your partner. Launch for day two will be a safe light and weigh-in will be at 1:00. At the conclusion of the tournament, prizes will be awarded and the qualifiers will be announced. Qualifiers will sign the Championship application and write a check for it right there; so come prepared.


The entrance fee:

$140 Angler

$70 Co-angler

Lunker $20 per person and awarded on both sides


Best of luck to all the competitors !!!