MD DNR Black Bass Roundtable 2016

Feb 29,2016: 60 degrees, sun is blazing,then rain, windy, then partly cloudy. It’s so great to live in PA in February. Everybody is thinking about what to they would be throwing today. I’m right there with you. I recently received an update on the MD DNR Black Bass Roundtable, held on Feb.4,2016. It’s a ten page pdf, discussing various topics related to the Potomac and Upper Bay, and all connecting waters. There are facts on the stocking programs, population numbers, and the Middle River fish kill. They are considering a Black Bass Stamp program. There are some new survey questions for those using COMPASS to renew your license. A Largemouth Mouth Bass Virus and Snakehead report. New tournament requirements are being discussed for permits and running of tournaments. Mini reef project in Smoots Bay is discussed, as well as the proposed wave break at Elk Neck. My favorite is the new regulations for 6 Catch & Return Areas to be established, where tournament anglers would not be able to fish, for the next three years. I know some of you may not really be concerned or affected by this on the western side of the state. This is a big thing for all of us though. We need the numbers, to support our proposal, and to let Maryland know we don’t like this regulation. MD TBF is less than 70 members including spouses. At the bottom of the report there is a link for public response. We have until March 10, 2016 to give our input. On a positive note, at the very end, they do recognize that we contribute to their economy, in a large way. Tight Lines Guys. Thanks for your help.