Attention Fellow Anglers  We have just over two weeks till the Yough Tournament I will be accepting apps up until Sept 16 2018  We will be going out of the spillway launch. Start time will be 07.00 or first safe light. Tournament will last 8 hours from launch time A.M.B.A will have boat check  beginning  at  06.00 Here is the list of anglers I have as of 09/06/2018


1 Mike Berkheimer

2 Ed Fisher

3 Charlie Orsargos

4 Jim Smith

5 Byran Alleman

6 Pete Brinzo

7 Mike Vivis

8 Jef Nelson

9 Alex Nicoletti


Co Anglers

1 Clarence Weakland

2 Dave Palko

3 Bill Lidwell

4 Dan Sweeney

5 Caleb Palko

6 William Mikas

7 Ryan Orsargos

Any Questions Or Concerns Feel free to contact me

(814) 932-1552  Thanks Sonny Weakland