District 7 November Minutes 11/12/19

Meeting called to order @ 7:11 by Mike Galka

Members in attendance:  9

Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters (Joe Pacholec Sr., Tony Dorman, David Kozlansky, Joe Pacholec Jr., Mark Gruszkiewicz)

North Branch Bassmasters: (Matt Kline)

Lunker Landers: (Mike Galka)

Wayne County Bassmasters: (Bob Gilpin)

Primetime Anglers (Harry Graver)

Minutes: September 10, 2019 Minutes read by David Kozlansky

Accepted by: Tony Dorman, 2nd by Matt Kline

Treasury:   Tom Hafner via Text

  • Treasury currently at $X,XXX.XX

Accepted by: Tony Dorman 2nd by Bob Gilpin

Youth & Conservation: George Bowers via Bob Gilpin

  • The “Fishing for a Cause” benefit tournament for 2019 was held on October 27, 2019 at Lake Wallenpaupack.  There were 23 teams that participated.  From the participation and raffle there was $1350 raised for the cause.  A thank you to all the sponsors who donated prizes.
  • George will be taking fishing rods & reels again this Christmas Season to “The Children’s Hospital” and donate them to the children.

Accepted by: Tony Dorman, 2nd by Matt Kline

Tournaments: Matt Kline

  • Nothing to report.

State Info: Mike Galka

  • State meeting was 11-03-19
  • 68 boats at the NCSF on Lake George, 42 of which were from PA.
  • Congratulations to Tony Dorman as he was the top Angler from PA and will advance to the National Championship
  • The 2020 NCSF District 14 will be on Lake Wallenpaupack, September 18 & 19 will be the dates.
  • The Great American Outdoor Show will be February 1-9 in Harrisburg and the PATBF will once again be having a booth at the show.
  • There was a vote at the TBF president’s council meeting concerning the three days of practice at the NCSF and it was upheld to keep the three days of practice.
  • Lowrance is on board in 2020 as a sponsor.
  • TH Marine is also on board in 2020 as a sponsor.
  • MinnKota discount codes will be going out for the top 7 for each Angler and Co-Angler from the 2019 PATBF State Championship.
  • Lowrance discount codes will be going out for the top 7 for each Angler and Co-Angler from the 2019 PATBF State Championship.
  • Reminder to all those who have Ranger Boats to sign up for Ranger Bucks.
  • The Quad State and Reel Kids Championships went smooth in 2019.
  • A Pennsylvania Team won the high school national championship in 2019.
  • There will be a few new officers/directors for 2020; Mike Galka will be treasurer and Debra Wilson will be youth director.
  • There were 671 members in the PATBF in 2019 as compared to 642 in 2018 and 639 in 2017.
  • For 2020 each club will receive a $10 stipend for acquiring each additional member above what their membership was in 2019.  For example increasing from 22 to 24, a club would get $20 from the PATBF. 
  • The youth trail may consist of 2-3 events.
  • The championship for Jr. Division will be a 2 person format.
  • The Quad State Tournament is July 12, 2020 @ Anchor Marine on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • MR BASS for 2020 is on the Potomac River out of Smallwood State Park on 4-24 & 25.
  • District III will have a District Tournament on the day following the MR BASS event also out of Smallwood State Park.
  • The PATBF State Championship will be held on Cayuga Lake on June 26 & 27.  Launch TBD.
  • Team Regional 1 Tournament will be held July 17 & 18 at Cayuga Lake.  Launch TBD.
  • Team Regional 2 Tournament will be held July 10 & 11 at Keuka Lake, Keuka Lake State Park.

Accepted by: Tony Dorman 2nd by Harry Graver

Old Business:  

  • PATBFD7 Tournament Voting then took place for the 1-2-1 format.  The final 1 would be the first 2021 tournament qualifier.
    • Lunker Landers ONEIDA = CAYUGA/CAYUGA = OWASCO
  • Tie-Breaker Vote goes to Chairman and it was Wallenpaupack for event #1, and Owasco for event #4.
  • The 2020 Calendar Year Schedule is TBD with Wallenpaupack, Cayuga/Cayuga, Owasco as the schedule.
  • Nomination of Officers then took place.
    • George Bowers for Y&C nominated by Lunker Landers & Leggett’s Creek = accepted
    • Matt Kline for Tournament Director by Leggett’s Creek & Prime Time = accepted
    • Tom Hafner for Treasurer by Prime Time & Leggett’s Creek = accepted
    • David Kozlansky for Secretary by Leggett’s Creek = declined
    • Harry Graver for Secretary by Leggett’s Creek & Wayne County = accepted
    • Tony Dorman for Vice Chairman by Lunker Landers  & North Branch = accepted
    • Mark Gruszkiewicz for Chairman by Lunker Landers = declined
    • Mike Galka for Chairman by Leggett’s Creek & North Branch = accepted
  • David Kozlansky then proceeded to cast a single ballot for each director and officer as there was no opposition for any position and thus all officers and directors will start on January 1, 2020.

New Business:

  • The plates for the AOY & COY were completed and are displayed on the plaque at Major League Sports Bar.
  • Mark Gruszkiewicz & Joe Pacholec Jr. were presented their $60 checks for their AOY & COY for 2019 as that is what they each selected as their award.
  • A discussion of possibly getting a new scale was discussed and David Kozlansky will be getting prices for the December meeting to present to the reps.
  • The 2019 End of Year Party will take place on 12-17-19 at Major League Sports Bar.  D7 will be providing food only as it will be a “cash bar”.  Please contact David Kozlansky with your club’s head count by 7:00 PM on Friday December 13th so he can compile.

Motion to adjourn the meeting @ 8:50 by Mike Galka

  • Next Meeting will be Tuesday, December 17, 2019 @ 7:00 PM at Major League Sports Bar.
  • Accepted by: Matt Kline, 2nd by Harry Graver