District 7 July Minutes 07/09/2019

Meeting called to order @ 7:09 by Tony Dorman

Members in attendance:  9

Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters (Joe Pacholec Sr., Tony Dorman, David Kozlansky, Joe Pacholec Jr., Mark Gruszkiewicz, Joe Pica)

North Branch Bassmasters: (Matt Kline)

Lunker Landers: (Did Not Attend)

Wayne County Bassmasters: (Tom Jeffery)

Primetime Anglers (Harry Graver)

Minutes: May 14, 2019 Minutes read by David Kozlansky

Accepted by: Joe Pacholec Sr., 2nd by Tom Jeffery

Treasury:   Tom Hafner via Telephone

  • Treasury currently at $x,xxx.xx
  • A discussion then took place on our payout chart and how beneficial it will be for our D7 tournaments.  We are hoping it mimics as close as possible to the PATBF format as they use decimal rounding when configuring the payouts. 
  • Tom will be notified by the secretary that Mark Gruszkiewicz and Joe Pacholec Jr. are fishing the Skaneateles event and a check will need to be put into the prize pool in care of them due to their 2018 AOY and COY status.

Accepted by: Joe Pacholec Sr., 2nd by Tom Jeffery

Youth & Conservation:

  • Tom Jeffery reiterated that the “Fishing for a Cause” benefit tournament for 2019 will be held on October 27, 2019 at Lake Wallenpaupack and he handed out flyers. He will take any applications and payments for the event if you are looking to hand one in.
  • David Kozlansky spoke on the success of the “Reel Kids” event held at Hunter’s Gallery on July 6th and 7th.  Over 60 kids entered in the two-day event. A special thanks to Barry Jacobs for coordinating the event and to the assistants at the event of Matt Kline, Joe Pacholec Jr., Joe Pacholec Sr., and Terry Jacobs.

Accepted by: Matt Kline, 2nd by Tony Dorman

Tournaments: Matt Kline

  • Next tournament will be July 21, 2019 at Skaneateles Lake, N.Y.  
  • Matt went over the current applications that he had, electronic, and verbal commitments.
  • Drawing will be held at 8:00 PM on Monday, July 15th with no additional applications being accepted after said date as a discussion took place on the difficulties and hardships it causes bending for anyone looking to get in after cutoff date. It was a unanimous decision to abide by predetermined cutoff date/time.

Accepted by: Joe Pacholec Sr. 2nd by Harry Graver

Steering Committee: Joe Pica

  • Nothing to report, did not attend BOD meeting.

Old Business: N/A

New Business:

  • David Kozlansky of Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters handed in a Youth Reimbursement Request for the “Reel Kids” event held on July 6 & 7 at Hunter’s Gallery.  All were in favor of reimbursement. 
  • A discussion then took place as to when to have our next PATBF District VII meeting.  September 10, 2019 will be the next meeting.

Motion to adjourn the meeting @ 8:08 by Tony Dorman

  • Next Meeting will be Tuesday, September 10, 2019 @ 7:00 PM at Major League Sports Bar.
  • Accepted by: Tom Jeffery, 2nd by Harry Graver