District 4

Attention all District 4 Anglers and Co-Anglers.  My name is Sonny Weakland and I am the new Tournament Director.  I will be accepting applications up until Friday, July 8th for the Sayers District Tournament being held on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

The following list is the current roster for the July 10th Sayers Tournament:.  THIS IS NOT THE PAIRINGS!

ANGLERS                                                                   CO-ANGLERS

Peter Brinzo                                                                  Bryan Alleman

Dan Coccia                                                                    Mike Coccia

Bob DeHass                                                                    Dale Frye

Jimmy Ellis                                                                      Bill Gorzelsky Jr

Ed Fisher                                                                         Bill Lidwell

Timothy Gabrielson                                                         Bill Mikas

Ed Henderson                                                                 Jeffery Miller

Jesse Jodon                                                                   Dean Orndorf Jr

George Kuzemchak                                                         David Palko

Bernie Lazor                                                                     James Wilkins

Rich Nicodemus                                                                Sonny Weakland

Terry Monteleone

Charlie Orsargos

Caleb Palko

Doug Savino


Any questions or concerns, please call me at 814-932-1552

Thank you, I look forward to working with all of you throughout our 2016 Tournaments.

Sonny Weakland