District 4 Raystown Tournament

Hers is the up to date list I have for the Raystown tournament we

Will be launching out of James Creek. Boat Check Will Be From 04:30

To 05:30  Which will be done by Shy Beaver. Launch at 06:00 or safe light


I Will be doing the pairings on Wed Eve.


1 Mike Berkheimer

2 Ed Fisher

3 Charlie Orsargos

4 Jim Smith

5 Ed Henderson

6 Harold Matley

7 George Kuzemchak

8 Byran Alleman

9 Mike Savino

10 Jef Nelson

11 Lance Motter

12 John Pascavage

13 Mike Coccia

14 Jason Haney


1 Clarence Weakland

2 Dave Palko

3 Bill Lidwell

4 Dan Sweeney

5 Caleb Palko

6 Ryan Orsargos

7 Dale Frye

Any Questions Or Corrections or concerns Feel free to Contact

Me At 814-932-1552

Thanks Sonny Weakland