District 4

Raystown – District 4 tournament on August 13th- boat launch order and pairings.  Boat check will start at 5:00 am (by Blair bassmasters) at Aitch boat launch, hoping to motor out by 6:00 am or safelight. If you have any questions best to reach me (Mike Savino) through text at 814-932-0983. If you need a number to get in touch with a coangler or angler, I have those as well.

Boat number :                         Coangler

1      Ed Fisher                          Steve Koch

2      Ed Henderson

3      Michael Berkheimer

4      George Kuzemchak         Kenny Matley

5      Doug Savino                    Dave Palco

6      Jeff Gorecki

7      Jeff Nelson

8      Dave Robinson

9      Charlie Orsargos

10     Harold Matley               Caleb Palco

11    John Pascavage

12    Jesse Jodon                  Dan Sweeney

13    Michael Coccia

14    Jason Haney

15    John Laslo                   Sonny Weakland

16    Sean Trovato

17    Alex Nicoletti

18   Josh Hoshour

19   Derek Horner

20   Jimmy Ellis

21   Bryan Alleman

22   Lance Motter              Aaron Wright

23   James Smay

24   Jeffery Held Sr.

25   Jeffery Held Jr.           Andy Hostler

26   Jack Szentmiklosi       Mike Savino

27   Mitch Heaton