District 4

The following list of pairings are for the Aug 13 District 4 Tournament At Raystown – Aitch Launch.

Boat 1    Ed Fisher And Mike Vivis

Boat 2    Caleb Palko

Boat 3    James Ellis And Stephen Koch

Boat 4     Timothy Gabrielson And Dan Ryan

Boat 5     Derek Horner

Boat 6     Dan Coccia And Ray Abel

Boat 7     Jeff Held And Jeff Gorecki

Boat 8     Lance Motter And W.D.Greene

Boat 9     Rich Nicodemus And Dan Sweeney

Boat 10   Ed Henderson And Bill Lidwell

Boat 11   Jesse Jodon And Andy Hostler

Boat 12   Charles Orsargos

Boat 13    Jeff Held Jr. And Mike Coccia

Boat 14    Matthew Lovallo

Boat 15    Jack Szentmiklosi And David Palko

Boat 16    Ronald Grove And Clarence Weakland

Boat 17    George Kuzemchak And Bill Mikas

                                    Remember we are at Aitch Launch

  • Boat Check will be from 4:30 AM To 5:30 AM.
  • Launch At 6:00 AM or first Safe Light
  • Weigh In will be 8 hours from launch time

Any Questions or concerns feel free to contact me (814)932-1552

Sonny Weakland