District 4

Hello All Here is the schedule for the District 4 tournaments

July 1St 2018 At Sayers Lake Hunters Run East Will be the launch Remember the cut-off Date is June 24th 2018

August 12th 2018 Raystown Launch will be James Creek Cut off Date is Aug 5th 2018

Sept 23 2018 Yough Dam Launch will be the spillway launch cut off date is Sept 16th 2018

( All Cut off Dates will be enforced )

Here is a list of anglers and co-anglers I have so far to date

Anglers                                                                                Co-Anglers
1  Mike Berkheimer                                                        1 Clarence Weakland
2   Ed   Fisher                                                                       2 David Palko
3                                                                                                  3 Bill Lidwell

Any questions or concerns fill free to contact me at (814) 932-1552
Thanks Sonny Weakland