District 3 Meeting Minutes October 16, 2022

Ray Bradshaw called the meeting to order our first in person meeting since 2020.


  • CLUBS PRESENT: Ten (10) District clubs were present, all except River Hills Bass.


  • Last online meeting was held in September and no minutes reviewed.


  • Dave Ciarletta reported on District’s bank balances. Any member not attending the meeting can reach out to Ray Bradshaw to review the balance.
  • Dave and Ray discussed plans to pay out winning at each tournament for 2023. Dave would order checks and have them available before the first event.
  • Dave discussed plans for the tournament staff to deposit checks after each event.


  • Clubs present voted on 2023 D3 sites. Potomac, Upper Bay and Conowingo approved. Once the state schedule comes out, we will set our dates.
  • The group discussed 2023 expense payout for tournament director and District trailer driver. The tournament director will receive $3.00 per application and all entrance fees paid. Transporter of the District trailer will be pay 0.75 cents per mile and all entrance fees paid. Transporter will be paid “mileage only” for the State tournaments by PA BASS
  • Dave Ciarletta suggested sending back the scale to the factory to be re-calibrated. All approved and will be back before the first tournament.


  • Ray passed out copies of the Districts By-Laws and tournament rules to each club to review with their membership.
  • Ray reviewed awards to the 2022 Angler and Co-Angler. Suggested awarding each a Jacket and free 2023 tournament fees. Membership discussed and approved.
  • Ray discussed needing new batteries for the live well tanks. Suggested buying two (2) Ionic lithium 50Ah batteries and charger. All members approved.



  • Ray advised the last day to submit to him for topics for the BOD meeting was October 21st. The BOD meeting is being held on Sunday October 30th.



  • Steve Koch advised Flea Market date of Saturday March 11th


The next meeting is scheduled for November 14th online for now.

Doug Lamborn – District 3 Secretary