District 3 Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2018

District 3 Meeting Minutes for May 14th, 2018

ROLL CALL: Ray Bradshaw called meeting to order.

CLUBS PRESENT: All members present.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Doug Lamborn reviewed minutes from April meeting which are posted online.

TREASURERS REPORT: Ray gave report of District 3 checking account balance. Contact Ray for financial information.


PUBLIC RELATIONS/MEMBERSHIP: Randy Edgar taking lead on creating new District facebook site. Ray Caldwell discussed the September Wounded Warriors event at the Bay. More details to follow.

TOURNAMENTS: Mike Sabbi discussed applications received for the D3 Elk Neck tourney. Discussed payout’s for the 30 boat tournament.

NEW BUSINESS: Mike Acord of Susquehanna Fishing Tackle thanked D3 for all of the support during their two (2) open house events and presented check for our use during the 2018 tournaments. Both SFT and D3 look forward to continuing relationship.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussed the Labor Day Sunday State casting kid’s event at Cabela’s.

YOUTH: Barry Potteiger discussed upcoming Youth Day at Cabela’s on June 16th and 17th between 1-4 pm. Requesting members to support event.

Doug Lamborn – District 3 Secretary