District 3 Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2018

ROLL CALL: Ray Bradshaw called meeting to order.

CLUBS PRESENT: All members present except South Central Pa Basscasters.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Doug Lamborn reviewed minutes from January meeting and all members approved.

TREASURERS REPORT: Ray gave report of District 3 checking account balance. Contact Ray for financial information.


PUBLIC RELATIONS/MEMBERSHIP: Ray asked all clubs to update and forward him member rosters. Mike Sabbi asked for clubs to help with upcoming SFT Cabin Fever event.

TOURNAMENTS: Mike Sabbi discussed couple of site changes and date change for High School tournament. Goal is to post pairings one week ahead of each event.

NEW BUSINESS: Ray addition payouts at each tournament for those members would volunteer for D3 event. Steve Koch discussed final update for the Wellsville Flea Market. All the tables have been sold. Asked for help posting on Facebook.

OLD BUSINESS: Barry Potteiger update District on the results from the Reel Casting Kids event. Both the State and District need to discuss wanting to continue in 2019. Concerns were around lack of volunteers.

YOUTH: Ray Caldwell discussed funding for Youth event. Ray make several suggestions at the club level for monies. Ray asked what support if any from the State for the National High School championship.

Doug Lamborn – District 3 Secretary