District 3 Meeting Minutes for April 12th, 2021

ROLL CALL: Ray Bradshaw called meeting to order.

CLUBS PRESENT: Seven (7) club members attended our online meeting. All District clubs were present except for River Hills Bass and South Central Pa Basscasters.

TREASURERS REPORT: Ray gave report of District 3 checking account balance. Contact Ray for financial information.

TOURNAMENTS: Group discussed the first District Three Potomac tournament scheduled for April 25th.
-JR Schoener reported status of applications received. Expecting to reach 30 boats before cutoff.
-Group agreed to pay out top five spots for both Angler and Co-Angler.
-Tournament trailer to be set up at Smallwood Park Saturday afternoon.
-Dave Ciarletta has updated both tournament computers with new software.
-Ray reminded that the applications must be postmarked no later than Wednesday April 21st in order to be accepted.
Group wanted to remind anglers to continue to maintain safe social distancing while gathering before and after the tournament.

NEW BUSINESS: Randy Edgar advised that Marine Plus in Lancaster will continue with District Three sponsorship. Monies received will be put towards tournament payouts.

Next online meeting scheduled for May 10th at 7:30pm.

Doug Lamborn – District 3 Secretary