District 3 Meeting Minutes – February 11th, 2019

ROLL CALL: Ray Bradshaw called meeting to order.

CLUBS PRESENT: All members present.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Reviewed and approved January minutes.

TREASURERS REPORT: Ray gave report of District 3 checking account balance. Contact Ray for financial information.

CONSERVATION REPORT: Barry Potteiger reviewed changes with 2019 Fish season regulations.

PUBLIC RELATIONS/MEMBERSHIP: Ray reviewed the 2019 District 3 By-Laws and presented copies for club to review with their members.

TOURNAMENTS: District 3 is looking for 2019 tournament director. Contact Ray Bradshaw or Mike Sabbi for details. Reviewed possible off limit area of the no wake zone at the May 19th North East event. If the BFL tourney scheduled for May 14th doesn’t have a release boat this area will be off limits. All waters will be open for the August 4th Conowingo event if both anglers have Maryland fresh water license.

NEW BUSINESS: Ray Bradshaw discussed changes for additional tournament payout for those members who volunteer during District activities. Steve Koch gave update on the March 9th Wellsville Flea Market. All tables have been sold.

OLD BUSINESS: Barry Potteiger reviewed a successful Pa Outdoor Show Reel Kids event. Total of 833 kids took part in the four day event. All kids received a new rod/reel for taking part in the event.

YOUTH: Mike Sabbi looking for a member to take over running the Quad State High School event at North East for Sunday July 14th.

Doug Lamborn – District 3 Secretary