District 3 Conowingo Pool

Last of the 3 district tournaments

Cut off date for the tournament is Friday! Please mail your apps. asap! Call after 6:00pm, text or email me if running late. 484-880-8366 pabassvp@gmail.com

Maryland creeks you will need a Maryland fresh water licenses (not a Coastal licenses). visit Maryland DNR website!

Location: Dorsey Park

Time: Safe light to 2:00pm

5 fish 12′

We will be drawing 10 $50.00 winners at the start of the tournament if you are in the tournament and help District 3 with the following events SFT Bass Fest, Great Outdoors show, District 3 Fishing Flea market, SFT Cabin Fever, Quad State. In total we will be giving away $1,500.00 30 $50.00 winners over the 3 tournaments! We will have a cookout following the tournament.

14 Boaters: Harley Mills, Jeff Bailey, Ray Bradshaw, Mike Sabbi, Richard Witushynsky, John Schoener, Barry Potteiger, Tom Brown, Doug Lamborn, Chris Patton, Austin Hoke, John Heller, Larry Moore, Harry Nurk,

15 Riders: Roland Gittings, Scott Duttera, Steve Koch, Sam Noel, Jim Dunn, Dan Solomon, Will Hollis, Adam Ivory, Bob Hertzog, Jason Cavanaugh, Dave Mizenko, Dave Wilt, Randy Hilbert, Phil Sullivan, Gary Leranian

as of 8/1/19