Congratulations and Welcome to the 2013 State Championship on Cayuga Lake, NY October 4th& 5th.

   All participates must be present at the Mandatory pre tournament meeting Thursday night at 6:00pm at the Fayette Fire Dept…Be ready for a delicious dinner sponsored by the State and tons of great prizes from our Sponsors to raffle off. After our dinner we will go into our tournament meeting where you will get all the rules and the pairing for the 1st day. 2nd day tournament draw will be available at the tournament trailer after day 1. All participates must present a valid New York State fishing license in order to enter the tournament. All Ranger owners please have your Ranger Cup card available, you will need this to participate in Ranger Bucks.  

The meeting is MANDATORY. Any angler not present or represented will be removed from the field; a phone call saying your running late is not acceptable. If an angler needs to use a representative, he must contact the Tournament Director prior to the meeting for approval.  Those requests will only be approved under the following conditions: (1) the angler making the request can not make the meeting due to work or a family obligation. (2) the angler must be able to provide the name and phone number of their representative and that representative must be present at the meeting with the anglers partners.

Official Practice only means that all of the rules are in force Tuesday through Thursday along with a restiction as to who you can fish with. Days prior to Tuesday you can do as you please.

During the official practice period, no competitor may enter the tournament water with someone unless they are a participant in the tournament with the exception of a member of the tournament staff or the anglers spouse or child. All tournament rules apply to the official practice period – for example:   MOTOR ON VEST ON again MOTOR ON VEST ON….I repeat MOTOR ON VEST ON. After 4:00pm October 3rd, the lake is off limits to all participants except during designated tournament hours. The only exception will be to test repaired equipment and then only with the approval of the tournament Director or Assistant Tournament Director. If there is any further information that is needed please contact Bruce Bramer at 215-407-7087

Meeting Location:

Fayette Fire Department, 4200 State Route 414, Fayette, NY