Maryland Black Bass roundtable meeting information

Hi everyone,

We had a productive Black Bass roundtable meeting on 22 February.

We discussed issues with the black bass fisheries in tidal rivers of Maryland ’s Chesapeake Bay .  We also had some guest speakers who discussed water quality problems and boating safety. I’ve attached minutes that summarize what we talked about.  I’ve also attached an annual review of our work with black bass over the next year.  Hopefully, you’ll find something interesting in it.  Soon, we’re going to try to get a facebook page started.  I hope to have you folks as facebook friends so that: 1) I can keep you guys better updated with things going on with black bass in the Bay; and 2) so we can discuss things that come up as a community.

Thanks again for your support of the fishery in the Bay.  Take care, Joe

Joseph W. Love, Ph.D.
Tidal Bass Manager


Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Inland Fisheries Management
Tawes St. Office Bldg, B-2
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, MD   21401