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2012 Western Regional Results

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 Any questions, please contact Mark Hartle at 814-319-2202.

Tournament hours will be from 6:00am- 2:00pm each day.  Meeting and pairings will begin each day at 5:30am.  Please be prepared for the $5 launch fee at the Elijah ramp.

Fishing will be permitted in PA waters only.  Fishing will not be permitted on day two within 100 yards of where the fish are released after day 1 weigh-in.

Current teams:

Crawford County Bassmasters 1

Crawford County Bassmasters 2

Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters

PA Bass Buddies

Northwest Bassers


Based on the applications, there will be a total of $1750 awarded in the following format:

1st  $1000

2nd  $500

3rd  $250



1st Place  Leggett’s Creek Bassmasters   $1000

2nd Place Bassmasters of Crawford County 2  $500

3rd Place  Bassmasters of Crawford County 1  $250

4th Place  PA Bass Buddies

5th Place  Northwest Bassers


Individual Results:


Club Name NameTotal Fish CaughtNumber DeadSmallmouthLargemouthTotal WeightAdj. Weight
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Steve Allard808014.5814.58
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Darren Potts10110014.9314.43
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDave Santarelli10010014.3114.31
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersRobert Davidson Sr.10210013.0412.04
Bass BuddiesJim Lash10010011.5811.58
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Mark Hughes808011.5311.53
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Rob Genter808010.7810.78
Northwest BassersSteve Hughes10010010.1210.12
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersScott Constantini60609.789.78
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1John Ringel70709.449.44
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Eric Marsh61609.799.29
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersRobert Davidson Jr.81809.498.99
Northwest BassersMike Pierro61608.177.67
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Wade Adams50507.277.27
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Jerry Smith Jr.50507.147.14
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDave Kozlansky60606.846.84
Bass BuddiesBill Parenti404#VALUE!6.636.63
Bass BuddiesFrank Nagy404#VALUE!6.396.39
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Ken Ramsier61606.516.01
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDaniel Swartz40404.914.91
Northwest BassersMike Dunkerly30304.784.78
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Jerry Smith Sr.30304.724.72
Bass BuddiesGil Wagner303#VALUE!4.684.68
Bass BuddiesDavid Neely30304.184.18
Northwest BassersJohn Krupnick30303.923.92
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Mike Barborak30303.463.46
Bass BuddiesTom Lane303#VALUE!3.393.39
Northwest BassersRick Sherretz20202.862.86
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Ed Fike30302.672.67



Team Results:


Club Name NameTotal Fish CaughtNumber DeadSmallmouthLargemouthTotal WeightAdj. WeightTEAM TOTALTeam Finish
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDave Santarelli10010014.3114.311
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersRobert Davidson Sr.10210013.0412.041
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersScott Constantini60609.789.781
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersRobert Davidson Jr.81809.498.991
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDave Kozlansky60606.846.841
Leggett’s Creek BassmastersDaniel Swartz40404.914.9156.871
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Steve Allard808014.5814.58 2
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Mark Hughes808011.5311.532
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Eric Marsh61609.799.292
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Jerry Smith Jr.50507.147.142
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Jerry Smith Sr.30304.724.722
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 2Mike Barborak30303.463.4650.722
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Darren Potts10110014.9314.43 3
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Rob Genter808010.7810.783
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1John Ringel70709.449.443
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Wade Adams50507.277.273
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Ken Ramsier61606.516.013
Bassmasters Of Crawford County 1Ed Fike30302.672.6750.603
Bass BuddiesJim Lash10010011.5811.58.4
Bass BuddiesBill Parenti404#VALUE!6.636.634
Bass BuddiesFrank Nagy404#VALUE!6.396.394
Bass BuddiesGil Wagner303#VALUE!4.684.684
Bass BuddiesDavid Neely30304.184.184
Bass BuddiesTom Lane303#VALUE!3.393.3936.854
Northwest BassersSteve Hughes10010010.1210.125
Northwest BassersMike Pierro61608.177.675
Northwest BassersMike Dunkerly30304.784.785
Northwest BassersJohn Krupnick30303.923.925
Northwest BassersRick Sherretz20202.862.8629.355