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2012 District 7 Tournament 2 Results

Fellow Anglers,

It looks like I made an error in the pairings.  I have two people from the same club fishing together – Mike Newhart and Chris Wilson of Lunker Landers.

To fix this, I have taken the names of all the unpaired boaters and put them in a hat and drew a name at random.  The name picked is Bill Boysha.

Below is the updated pairings list.

Below is the information to the second District 7 Tournament for 2012 at Oneida Lake, launching from Oneida Shores County Park.In an effort to make the check in go smoothly, I ask that you please DO NOT launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your co-angler first.

Trailer weigh-in and you MUST come and get weight bags (CANNOT use your own).

There will be an early gate opening at 5am. The person at the gate will have your name on a list. Give the person there your name and tell them you are with the TBF District 7 tournament and they will check you in.

Launch fee is $7.50 please try to have exact change to prevent issues with having change available to hand out and to make the process quicker.

Lunker Fee is $10

Lunker and Launch fee will be collected at check in. Steve Lowe will be collecting the fees.

Check in will be set up in the main parking lot. (The paved lot)

5 Fish Limit, minimum 12″

No culling of dead fish and a dead fish can not be weighed as a lunker. Dead fish MUST be taken with you.

Last boat will call out numbers and each boat will launch every 10 seconds.

Take Off will be at 6:30am (check in is 5am to 6am). If everyone is in the water sooner, we will begin earlier.

Weight In will be at 2:30pm

SAFETY – Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running. This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer. If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard. Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.

Payout is 70% and a minimum of 3 places will be paid on both sides. Here are the pay-out amounts:

1st Place = 50% (or $784)
2nd Place = 30% (or $470)
3rd Place = 20% (or $313)


1st Place = 50% (or $140)
2nd Place = 30% (or $84)
3rd Place = 20% (or $56)

2012 District 7 Tournament 2

Location – Oneida Lake, NY
Launch Site – Oneida Shores County Park
Dates – Saturday, June 16, 2012
Time – 6:30 am – 2:30 pm,
Check In – 5:00 am to 6:00 am

Boat # Angler / Co-Anlger
1 Rex Magargle /
2 Daniel Swartz III /
3 Mark Gruszkiewicz /
4 Richard Wright /
5 Steve Lowe /
6 Neal Van Ness / Brett Dalrymple
7 Ronald Walter / David Ciraulo
8 Joseph Culver / Edward Cowan
9 Joe Pacholec /
10 George Bowers / David Kozlansky
11 Jeff Dubernas / Ken Gremli
12 Mark Diehl /
13 Karl Ulmer /
14 Kenny Garippa / Rocky Confletti
15 Bob Davidson Jr / Mike Galka Jr
16 Cal Urso /
17 Jason Kiss /
18 Bob Davidson Sr / Jim Buehler
19 Tom Hafner /
20 John Paul Kuckla /
21 Bill Boysha / Chris Wilson
22 Mike Newhart /
23 Len Janeski /
24 Jason Dubernas /
25 Orville Ortwine /
26 Matt Kline /
27 Mike Galka / Joe Linabery
28 Scott Constantini /

1John Paul Kuckla14.67401Edward Cowan14.540
2Mike Galka14.28392David Kozlansky12.5739
3Karl Ulmer14.24383Brett Dalrymple12.3838
4Joseph Culver14.03374Joe Linabery11.8737
5Kenny Garippa13.7365Rocky Confletti11.7936
6Matt Kline13.52356Chris Wilson11.7435
7Rex Magargle13.15347Jim Buehler11.6934
8Joe Pacholec13.09338Ken Gremli11.0433
9Mark Gruszkiewicz13.03329Mike Galka Jr8.3332
10Neal Van Ness12.993110David Ciraulo7.9131
11Mark Diehl12.530    
12George Bowers12.4629
13Bill Boysha12.3728
14Tom Hafner12.3427
15Steve Lowe11.8326
16Len Janeski11.8125
17Jason Kiss11.824
18Daniel Swartz III11.7223
19Bob Davidson Jr11.6522
20Mike Newhart11.3321
21Richard Wright11.1620
22Orville Ortwine10.5919
23Ronald Walter10.5618
24Cal Urso10.5417
25Bob Davidson Sr10.216
26Scott Constantini9.4915
27Jeff Dubernas9.3314
28Jason DubernasDNWDNW