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2012 District 3 Tournament 3 Results

District 3 – Northeast River – 7/15/2012

Barlow wins another, Anthony finishes Angler of the Year.

Rupp wins, Burton claims Co-Angler of the Year.

Thanks to all who made this a great tournament!

PA Bass Federation District 307/15/12
Northeast River
1WILLIAM BARLOWBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 313.834.8813.8340
2EDWARD GUIDONBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 313.596.2913.5939
3TONY OSBORNEBAY ANGLERS3/ 312.545.1412.5438
4CHUCK ANTHONYSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 311.795.0111.7937
5BARRY TOWNSENDBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 311.514.8411.5136
6BEN CLUSTERSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 311.434.3911.4335
7MATTHEW HARTMANLebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 311.244.5511.2434
8RON BANE JR.Schuylkill County Bass Angler3/ 310.874.1610.8733
9DAVID GREENLEAFBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 310.7310.7332
10JOSEPH BOOKERBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 39.773.749.7731
11RANDY EDGARRiver Hills Bass Masters3/ 39.679.6730
12RAYMOND BRADSHAW IIILebanon County Bass Anglers3/
13CHARLES DORROUGHLancaster County Hawg Hunters3/ 38.618.6128
14LARRY MOOREBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.448.4427
14BILL PURSLEYBAY ANGLERS3/ 28.94.508.4427
16MICHAEL SABBI JR.Brandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.313.748.3125
17JOHN SCHOENER JRLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 38.178.1724
18THOMAS D. BROWNLebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 38.098.0923
19WILLIAM MELCHIORChester County Bass Masters3/ 37.127.1222
20ROB JOHNSON (Tamaqua)Tamaqua Bass Club2/ 26.426.4221
21ROBERT BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters2/ 24.924.9220
22DAVID E. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers2/ 24.184.1819
23ED KAYBrandywine Bass Masters1/ 13.713.713.7118
24ROBERT R. MILLERRiver Hills Bass Masters1/ 13.623.623.6217
25KENNETH ANSBACHTamaqua Bass Club3/ 33.273.2716
26E. DEBOESERBorder Line Bass Anglers
26JEFFREY FLICKINGERSouth Central PA Basscasters
26RICHARD WITUSHYNSKYSouth Central PA Basscasters
1JOHN RUPPLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 311.874.4011.8740
2MICHAEL BURTONLancaster County Hawg Hunters3/ 310.223.8810.2239
3RYAN URSOBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 310.033.9210.0338
4TERRY WELLSRiver Hills Bass Masters3/ 39.383.789.3837
5Scott JohnstonRiver Hills Bass Masters3/
6CORBIN GOTWALTSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 39.279.2735
7WILL HOLLISRiver Hills Bass Masters3/ 38.753.618.7534
8DAVID M. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers3/ 38.668.6633
9JOE HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.238.2332
10RONALD LIVERSBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 37.387.3831
11DAVE WILTLancaster County Bassmasters2/ 26.796.7930
13STEPHEN KOCHBorder Line Bass Anglers3/ 35.665.6628
14THOMAS DELLINGERLebanon County Bass Anglers2/ 24.944.9427
15STEVEN STEINERRiver Hills Bass Masters1/ 14.634.634.6326
16EDWARD STEFFYRiver Hills Bass Masters2/ 23.673.6725
17SUE BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters1/ 13.463.463.4624
18DAVE CIARLETTABrandywine Bass Masters1/
19JOSHUA HERTZOGLancaster County Bassmasters1/ 12.542.542.5422
20GARY LERANIANBrandywine Bass Masters1/
21JOSHUA TUPPERBrandywine Bass Masters1/.
22RICHARD HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters
22VASILIOS KALARGYROSLancaster County Bassmasters
22SHAWN NOELSouth Central PA Basscasters
22Bob StoughSouth Central PA Basscasters
22PHILIP R. SULLIVANBrandywine Bass Masters
DQJW WADEChester County Bass Masters
DQJim WeymerBrandywine Bass Masters