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2012 District 3 Tournament 2 Results

Congratulations to the winners of the June 24th District 3 tournament on the flats out of Anchor Boat Marina!

Angler Champion: Ben Cluster from South Central PA Basscasters

Co-angler Champion: Dave Wilt from Lancater County Bassmasters


PA Bass Federation District 3


Northeast River, MD

1BEN CLUSTERSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 521.886.0021.8840
2GEORGE ACORD JR JR.River Hills Bass Masters5/ 519.276.1619.2739
3ROB JOHNSON (Tamaqua)Tamaqua Bass Club5/ 518.494.3918.4938
4MICHAEL SABBI JR.Brandywine Bass Masters5/ 517.834.5417.8337
5WILLIAM BARLOWBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 418.31.5017.8136
6JOSEPH BOOKERBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 516.9916.9935
7RAYMOND BRADSHAW IIILebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 516.3516.3534
8STEVEN MULHOLLAND JR.Lebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 416.61.5016.1133
9EDWARD GUIDONBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 316.931.0015.9332
10CHUCK ANTHONYSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 515.704.6715.7031
11BILL PURSLEYBAY ANGLERS5/ 416.02.5015.5230
12RICHARD WITUSHYNSKYSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 515.5115.5129
13RON BANE JR.Schuylkill County Bass Angler5/ 515.194.2015.1928
14DAVID GREENLEAFBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 515.1115.1127
15WILLIAM MELCHIORChester County Bass Masters5/ 514.415.1114.4126
17JOHN SCHOENER JRLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 513.8413.8424
18DAVID E. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers5/ 513.523.6013.5223
19RANDY EDGARRiver Hills Bass Masters4/ 412.0812.0822
20ROBERT BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters5/ 213.031.5011.5321
21CHARLES DORROUGHLancaster County Hawg Hunters4/ 311.43.5010.9320
22KENNETH ANSBACHTamaqua Bass Club4/ 410.0410.0419
23LARRY MOOREBrandywine Bass Masters4/ 49.159.1518
24BRUCE BRAMERBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.108.1017
25THOMAS D. BROWNLebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 36.716.7116
26MATT LOVALLOHunters Run Bassmasters3/ 36.396.3915
27JEFFREY FLICKINGERSouth Central PA Basscasters2/ 25.415.4114
28JEFF TOWNSENDChester County Bass Masters2/ 23.823.8213
29E. DEBOESERBorder Line Bass Anglers1/
30ROBERT C. OBERLYLancaster County Bassmasters2/ 23.193.1911
31ROBERT R. MILLERRiver Hills Bass Masters
1DAVE WILTLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 518.935.2818.9340
2RYAN URSOBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 516.1716.1739
3BRIAN SETLOCKLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 516.124.4816.1238
4MICHAEL BURTONLancaster County Hawg Hunters5/ 515.3515.3537
5JOHN RUPPLancaster County Bassmasters4/ 414.6714.6736
6JOSHUA HERTZOGLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 315.201.0014.2035
7CHRISTOPHE WILSONLunker Landers Bass Club3/ 312.695.9012.6934
8JOHNATHON HELLERSouth Central PA Basscasters4/ 412.115.2012.1133
9TERRY WELLSRiver Hills Bass Masters5/ 511.242.5111.2432
10GARY LERANIANBrandywine Bass Masters4/ 410.5210.5231
11THOMAS DELLINGERLebanon County Bass Anglers4/ 49.849.8430
12CORBIN GOTWALTSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 39.659.6529
13SAMUEL NOEL JR JR.Brandywine Bass Masters4/ 39.51.509.0128
14WILL HOLLISRiver Hills Bass Masters3/ 38.448.4427
15JOSHUA TUPPERBrandywine Bass Masters2/ 28.326.058.3226
16Bob StoughSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 38.268.2625
17DAVE CIARLETTABrandywine Bass Masters3/ 37.287.2824
18STEPHEN KOCHBorder Line Bass Anglers3/ 36.796.7923
19VASILIOS KALARGYROSLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 26.93.506.4322
20JOSEPH STRAUSSLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 35.695.6921
21JW WADEChester County Bass Masters3/ 35.655.6520
22STEVE WEIMARChester County Bass Masters2/ 24.974.9719
23Jim WeymerBrandywine Bass Masters2/ 24.744.7418
24STEVEN STEINERRiver Hills Bass Masters2/ 24.504.5017
25DAVID M. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers2/ 24.264.2616
26RICHARD HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters2/ 23.863.8615
27BART HOLLISRiver Hills Bass Masters2/ 23.473.4714
28JOE HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters1/ 12.852.852.8513
29DOUG LAMBORNLancaster County Bassmasters1/
30SUE BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters1/
31PHILIP R. SULLIVANBrandywine Bass Masters