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2012 District 3 Tournament 1 Results

I personally would like to thank my tournament staff for all their sacrifice and commitment to help make our tournaments run smooth. The next time you see Steve Koch, Sue & Robert Blake, Dave Ciarletta, Sam Noel, Mike Shumans, Joe Henderson and Will Hollis please shake their hand and thank them for helping run our tournament. The next time you order tackle or see our District 3 sponsors Susquehanna Fishing Tackle, Precision Tackle and B&B Lures thank them. Our next tournament will be June 24th @ Anchor Marine Northeast, Md..


Based on 35 Angler field                              Based on a 32 Co-Angler field

Anglers                                                              Co-Anglers

1st place $980.00                                              1st place  $448.00

2nd place $588.00                                             2nd place $268.80

3rd place  $392.00                                             3rd place  $179.20

4th place Gift Certificates $80.00                      4th place gift certificate $40.00

5th place Gift certificate $40.00                         5th place gift certificate $25.00

6th place gift certificate $25.00                          6th place gift certificate $20.00

7th place gift crtificate   $20.00                          7th place gift certifacate $20.00

  1. Entrants/Results
PA Bass Federation District 305/06/12
Potomac River
1CHUCK ANTHONYSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 516.594.0516.5940
2MICHAEL SABBI JR.Brandywine Bass Masters5/ 516.254.6716.2539
3RANDY EDGARRiver Hills Bass Masters5/ 515.974.0715.9738
4MATT LOVALLOHunters Run Bassmasters5/ 515.654.6415.6537
5EDWARD GUIDONBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 514.984.5214.9836
6GREG HUGHESLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 415.39.504.5114.8935
7RAYMOND BRADSHAW IIILebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 514.1014.1034
8RICHARD WITUSHYNSKYSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 513.874.4413.8733
9GEORGE ACORD JR JR.River Hills Bass Masters5/ 513.8513.8532
10JEFFREY FLICKINGERSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 513.844.1613.8431
11BEN CLUSTERSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 513.7613.7630
12ROB JOHNSON (Tamaqua)Tamaqua Bass Club5/ 513.523.5413.5229
13LARRY MOOREBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 512.9412.9428
14ROBERT C. OBERLYLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 512.8412.8427
15RON BANE JR.Schuylkill County Bass Angler5/ 512.7112.7126
16JAY SIVELTamaqua Bass Club5/ 512.583.7112.5825
17MIKE SHUMANISTamaqua Bass Club5/ 512.173.2512.1724
18ED KAYBrandywine Bass Masters4/ 411.865.9411.8623
19WILLIAM BARLOWBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 412.16.5011.6622
20STEVEN MULHOLLAND JR.Lebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 511.0711.0721
21ROBERT BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters5/ 510.9110.9120
22JOSHUA W. HOSHOURLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 411.37.5010.8719
23SHAWN RICHARDBux-Mont Bassmasters5/ 510.8510.8518
24DAVID E. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers5/ 510.4410.4417
25KENNETH ANSBACHTamaqua Bass Club5/ 510.3310.3316
26KRIS BUCHERLebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 59.639.6315
27DAVID GREENLEAFBrandywine Bass Masters4/ 48.958.9514
28ROBERT R. MILLERRiver Hills Bass Masters4/ 48.648.6413
29JOSEPH BOOKERBrandywine Bass Masters4/ 48.298.2912
30BARRY TOWNSENDBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.128.1211
31CHARLES DORROUGHLancaster County Hawg Hunters3/ 37.357.3510
32THOMAS D. BROWNLebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 37.307.309
33WILLIAM MELCHIORChester County Bass Masters1/
34JEFF TOWNSENDChester County Bass Masters1/
35E. DEBOESERBorder Line Bass Anglers
1CORBIN GOTWALTSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 516.675.0216.6740
2DAVE CIARLETTABrandywine Bass Masters5/ 514.964.5414.9639
3Bob StoughSouth Central PA Basscasters5/ 415.39.504.4714.8938
4SAMUEL NOEL JR JR.Brandywine Bass Masters5/ 514.795.2814.7937
5MICHAEL KRAUSELebanon County Bass Anglers5/ 514.2614.2636
6MICHAEL BURTONLancaster County Hawg Hunters5/ 513.904.4313.9035
7DAVID M. MIZENKOBorder Line Bass Anglers5/ 413.85.5013.3534
8JOHN RUPPLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 413.69.5013.1933
9RICHARD HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 512.813.4912.8132
10Jim WeymerBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 512.1212.1231
11PHILIP R. SULLIVANBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 512.093.4512.0930
12JOSHUA HERTZOGLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 511.7411.7429
13STEPHEN KOCHBorder Line Bass Anglers5/ 511.663.3711.6628
14JOSEPH STRAUSSLancaster County Bassmasters5/ 511.1011.1027
15JOE HENDERSONBrandywine Bass Masters5/ 510.9510.9526
16STEVEN STEINERRiver Hills Bass Masters5/ 510.5310.5325
17MARK ELYChester County Bass Masters4/ 49.489.4824
18CARMINE DELMASTROLebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 38.938.9323
19VASILIOS KALARGYROSLancaster County Bassmasters4/ 48.828.8222
20GARY LERANIANBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 38.733.658.7321
21JEREMY KRAUSELebanon County Bass Anglers3/ 37.713.507.7120
22DOUG LAMBORNLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 37.607.6019
22DAVE WILTLancaster County Bassmasters3/ 37.607.6019
24JOHNATHON HELLERSouth Central PA Basscasters3/ 37.467.4617
25TERRY WELLSRiver Hills Bass Masters3/ 36.486.4816
26DANIEL SOLOMONBrandywine Bass Masters3/ 36.046.0415
27SUE BLAKELancaster County Hawg Hunters2/ 24.694.6914
28JAMES ARNOLD JR.River Hills Bass Masters1/ 13.453.453.4513
29RYAN URSOBrandywine Bass Masters1/
30HOWARD BENNERBrandywine Bass Masters1/ 12.632.632.6311
31WILL HOLLISRiver Hills Bass Masters1/
32BART HOLLISRiver Hills Bass Masters