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2012 District 2 Tournament 3

Location – Cowanesque
Launch Site – Eastern Launch
Date – Sunday, August 12th
Time – 6:30 am – 2:30 pm, (if we can launch earlier we will try)
Registration – 5:15 am to 6:15 am

There is a $3 launch fee per vehicle, don’t forget to fill out an envelope and deposit in the box and place the tag on your dash so it is visible.

Do not launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your co-angler.

SAFETY – Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running.  This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer.  If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard.  Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.

Payout (based on 70%)
1st – $ 560
2nd – $ 336
3rd – $ 224
1st – $ 196
2nd – $ 118
3rd – $ 78
1.    5 fish, largemouth or smallmouth, 12″ minimum.
2.    Riders must check the kill switch and make sure the live well is working.
3.    Life Jacket must be worn at all times while the combustion engine is running.
4.    All PA Boating and Fishing rules and regulations must be adhered to at all times.
5.    Lunker must be a live fish.
6.    No culling of dead fish.
7.    All PA Bass tournament rules apply.No wake areas mean NO WAKE.

OFF LIMITS – Buoyed area around the dam, the beach areas, and 100 feet on either side of the launch.  Areas posted BOATS KEEP OUT means no casting into that area either.

Boater must fish from the front deck and the rider must fish from the rear deck only.

It is suggested that the cost of the gas/oil used during the day be shared between the boater and the rider.

This will be a trailered weigh in.

When you weigh-in, come up to the table, turn in your numbers, get and sign your weigh-in slips (keep them), then get in line for a bag.  Get your fish from your boat; have bag dinked & weighed. Give me your slip, verify weight and get your pink copy.  Return fish to water and return bags to table where you got them.

Cowanesque 8/12/12 Pairing


Boat #AnglerCo-angler
1Danny Poust 
2Robert ParmerTerry Beck
3Casey MagargleLarry Motter
4Bill BoyshaGeorge Barnes
5Herb WadsworthBrett Dalrymple
6Rex Magargle 
7Charles Stewart 
8Charlie SykesTyler Frey
9Robert FryRon Boyer
10Joseph ShadyMike Prentiss
11Jim Buehler 
12Rich WrightRandy Gordner
13Clyde HouseknechtBrent Jensen
14Jason ShiptonDavid Garbrick
15Tom ProwantDonn Troutman
16Bob DeHaas 
17Lance MotterDavid Ciraulo
18Keith HouseknechtRichard Jordan Jr.
19David Rupert 
20Matt HooverDean Orndorf Jr.


I have done everything possible to try to find enough co-anglers to even out the field.  I have discussed the outcome with the tournament committee, and WE have decided to allow 6 boaters to fish alone.  The pairings were done so that no angler/co-angler from the same club would be fishing together.




Place# PointsAnglersTotal # fishLargeSmallLunkerTotal weight Winnings
140Rex Magargle55 4.6817.40 $      560.00
239Jim Buehler55  8.14 $      336.00
338Joseph Shady3123.507.58 $      224.00
437Tom Prowant55  7.48 
536Rich Wright211 5.32 
635Casey Magargle33  4.86 
734Robert Parmer22  4.74 
833Charles Stewart33  4.62 
932Robert Fry22 3.284.34 
1031Bill Boysha11 4.024.02 
1130David Rupert1 13.523.52 
1130Danny Poust22  3.52 
1328Charlie Sykes33  3.48 
1427Herb Wadsworth11  1.52 
1526Clyde Houseknecht11  1.02 
160Bob DeHaas0     
160Matt Hoover0     
160Keith Houseknecht0     
160Lance Motter0     
160Jason Shipton0     



Place# PointsCo-AnglersTotal # fishLargeSmallLunkerTotal weight Winnings
140David Garbrick44 3.5410.72 $      196.00
239Terry Beck2 23.106.44 $      118.00
338Randy Gordner2113.845.32 $        78.00
437Dean Orndorf Jr.2113.124.48 
536George Barnes211 3.60 
635Tyler Frey11 3.203.20 
635Mike Prentiss1 13.203.20 
833David Ciraulo11 3.163.16 
932Donn Troutman22  2.84 
1031Brent Jensen22  2.16 
1130Larry Motter11  1.44 
120Ron Boyer0     
120Brett Dalrymple0     
120Richard Jordan Jr.0     


Total number of fish59
Total weight of fish128.12lbs.
Average fish weight2.17lbs.
Total number of limits3
Total number dead fish0


A special thanks to Mike Prentiss for doing the boat check, to Bob DeHaas for helping do some last minute boat repair, and to Herb Wadsworth for helping with the weigh in.  Congratulations to the winners.  There were some very nice fish caught.  Rex had the biggest bag weighed in at a district tournament since I took over as TD.  The year to date standings have been posted at the bottom of the District 2 tournament page.  Thanks for a great season.