District 2 - Williamsport, March 26th (updated 3/24)

District 2 - Williamsport, March 26th (updated 3/24)

Postby bld127 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:55 pm

Location - Williamsport, PA
Launch Site - Antlers (Linden Access)
Dates - Sunday, March 26th (the backup date is April 9th)
Time - 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, (if we can launch earlier we will try)
Registration - 5:45 am to 6:45 am

Do not launch your boat until you have checked in, completed the boat check and met up with your co-angler.
This will be a 3 fish tournament, 15" minimum.
No culling of dead fish. Dead fish MUST be taken with you.
Lunker Fee is $10 and Lunker must be a live fish.
All PA Boating and Fishing rules and regulation must be adhered to at all times.
All PA Bass tournament rules apply.
Angler must fish from the front deck and the Co-Angler must fish from the rear deck only.
It is suggested that the cost of the gas/oil used during the day be shared between the boater and the rider.

This will be a trailered weigh in. When you weigh-in, come up to the table, turn in your numbers, get and sign your weigh-in slips (keep them), then get in line for a bag (CANNOT use your own). Get your fish from your boat, have bag dinked, and weighed. Give me your slip, verify weight, and get your yellow copy. Return fish to water and return bags to table where you got them.

Last boat will call out numbers and each boat will launch every 10 seconds.
The tournament committee (District Officers present) will make the decision to hold a fog delay if necessary for safety. If so, the committee will make decisions regarding take off time, extending fishing hours, etc.

SAFETY - Life jackets MUST be worn when the outboard motor is running. This includes coming in to beach the boat, taking the boat on and off the trailer. If you are on the boat, the outboard is running, life jacket MUST be on for all aboard. Failure to do so can result in disqualification in the tournament.

1st – $ 560
2nd – $ 336
3rd – $ 224
1st – $ 280
2nd – $ 168
3rd – $ 112

These are applications with payments that I have received to date. Updated 3/23/17. This is not the pairing.

Anglers (* denotes guaranteed)
1. Mark Gruszkiewicz - Leggett's Creek*
2. Jamie McLaughlin – Washberry*
3. Steve Lowe - Kickin Bass Baits
4. George Barnes - Washberry
5. Orville Ortwine - Kickin Bass Baits*
6. Tim Barnes – Washberry*
7. Casey Magargle – Washberry*
8. Robert Parmer - Washberry
9. Danny Poust - Washberry
10. Jason Shipton – Washberry*
11. Charlie Sykes - Susquehanna Valley*
12. Levi McCarty - Washberry*
13. Rex Magargle - Washberry
14. Keith Houseknecht - Kickin Bass Baits
15. Tom Prowant - Susquehanna Valley*
16. Nick Hartley - Susquehanna Valley*
17. Bill Boysha - Kickin Bass Baits
18. Clyde Houseknecht - Kickin Bass Baits (verbal)
19. Nick Osman - Susquehanna Valley*
20. Donn Troutman - Susquehanna Valley*

Co-Anglers (* denotes guaranteed)
1. Brett Dalrymple - Washberry
2. David Kozlansky - Leggett's Creek*
3. Terry Beck – Washberry*
4. Jim Wilkins – Susquehanna Valley
5. Michael Hock - Kickin Bass Baits*
6. Scott Laukhuff – Susquehanna Valley
7. Austin Gaab - Washberry*
8. Rick Gaab - Washberry
9. Kevin Zimmerman - Washberry*
10. Richard Jordan Jr. – Washberry*
11. Eddie LaForme - Washberry
12. Chad Wolfe - Washberry
13. Ron Boyer - Susquehanna Valley*
14. Richard Kilts - Susquehanna Valley
15. Ben Snyder - Susquehanna Valley
16. Grant Michael - Washberry*
17. Josh Mook - Susquehanna Valley*
18. Dan Mook - Susquehanna Valley*
19. Dan Edwards - Susquehanna Valley*
20. Gene Snyder - Susquehanna Valley*

We are even. Thank you.
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Re: District 2 - Williamsport, March 26th (updated 3/24)

Postby bld127 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:21 pm

The pairings for Sunday.

Boat # Angler Co-Angler
1 Clyde Houseknecht Chad Wolfe
2 Rex Magargle Rich Kilts
3 Tim Barnes Josh Mook
4 Steve Lowe Dan Edwards
5 Donn Troutman Grant Michael
6 George Barnes Ron Boyer
7 Bill Boysha Brett Dalrymple
8 Danny Poust David Kozlansky
9 Jamie McLaughlin Jim Wilkins
10 Levi McCarty Scott Laukhuff
11 Nick Osman Kevin Zimmerman
12 Nick Hartley Austin Gaab
13 Robert Parmer Michael Hock
14 Casey Magargle Dan Mook
15 Tom Prowant Richard Jordan Jr.
16 Mark Gruszkiewicz Terry Beck
17 Orville Ortwine Ben Snyder
18 Jason Shipton Gene Snyder
19 Charlie Sykes Rick Gaab
20 Keith Houseknecht Eddie Laforme
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First Name: Brett
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