2017 District 2 Tournament 2 Results

Pennsylvania Bass Federation District 2 – Keuka 7/30/17
Place# PointsAnglersTotal # fishLunkerTotal weight Winnings
140Rex Magargle56.1820.04$392.00
239Keith Houseknecht57.2017.52$235.00
338Tom Prowant514.92$157.00
437Rich Wright514.10
536Dave Kozlansky513.86
635Casey Magargle511.28
734Nick Osman510.92
833Nick Hartley45.4610.40
932Stosh Wisniewski410.08
1031Mike Galka59.72
1130Levi McCarty58.86
1229Charlie Sykes58.44
1328Dan Edwards37.40
1427Donn Troutman36.08
Place# PointsCo-AnglersTotal # fishLunkerTotal weight Winnings
140Austin Gaab53.5813.82$196.00
239Brett Dalrymple53.3011.76$118.00
338Dan Mook53.9211.72$78.00
437Chad Wolfe44.9011.68
536Jim Wilkins43.089.16
635Barry Jacobs35.90
734Rick Gaab45.74
833Ron Boyer25.58
932Josh Mook23.764.96
1031Gene Snyder33.42
1130Ben Snyder22.78
120Eddie Laforme00.00
120Grant Michael00.00
120Kevin Zimmerman00.00
Total number of fish103
Total weight of fish250.14lbs.
Average fish weight2.43lbs.
Total number dead fish0